HP Media Center Display problems ..

By it_guru_2006 ·
Hello to all. I have the HP Media Center and am having a strange problem. I am trying to boot up the PC and the power comes on. I see the green power light and also hear the fan etc. However nothing gets displayed on the LCD Monitor. It keeps telling me that it is going to sleep.

I tested the LCD monitor on my laptop and it works fine. So something is wrong within the PC.

I tried the BIOS mode by pressing F1 or F5 or F10 several times but nothing seems to work. I cant even get the BIOS to be displayed on the monitor.

What can I try on my own to fix this. How to determine if the motherboard or / VGA has gone bad.

Please help.. Thanks in advance.

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As a guess

by w2ktechman In reply to Some more news..

I would say your RAM needs to be installed in pairs.

what happens if the RAM chip is put back in (but the video is out)?

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More confused.

by it_guru_2006 In reply to Well maybe not all is bad

Ok now I put the graphics card inside but left 1 of the RAM chips outside. I get the long beep again. It keeps repeating itself.

But when I remove the graphics card and put the RAM chip I dont get this beep.

Fan comes on at both times and I see the green led light of power.

What could this mean. If my RAM is bad, then shouldnt it just run out of the single 512 MP RAM chip. I still dont get any display.

Could I still have a bad motherboard or Processor...

Any clues guys...

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Not necessarily

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More confused.

Some M'Boards require 2 sticks of RAM to run properly and they need to be in the correct RAM Sockets.

If I remember those M'Boards right they have a Green and Orange pair of RAM Sockets and you need to place the first pair of RAM into the Orange Sockets and then the next pair into the Green Sockets. I may be wrong though as you didn't make any mention of the M'Board Model so it may be a different type.


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Thanks !!

by it_guru_2006 In reply to Not necessarily

How to figure out the Mboard model. I called HP parts and they refuse to give me the model number. They are trying to convince me to buy a new tower. Typical marketing strategy.. It looks very similar to the ASUS PTGD1-LA motherboard.

I have the HP Media Center m 1050y series.

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M'Board models re very easy to get

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks !!

Turn off the HP Splash Screen in BIOS and then reboot and pause on the BIOS Screen. Look for the BIOS makers Name Award, Phoenix, AMI or whatever and then copy down the BIOS String on the bottom of the screen or be lazy and look up here and use the testing utilities provided on this Web Site.


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They may not know

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks !!

Ok, try this, go to and punch in your model (I did 1050y). You can also search from product #.

The MB could change between the different models, so choose the one that you have.

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I have an Hp media center PC, and I know the solution to this problem.

by GTgarrett In reply to HP Media Center Display p ...

I have had an HP Media Center PC for almost two years now and this problem has occurred three or four times, the most recent of which was about 15 minutes ago. The first time it happened I had no idea what was going on so I simply called HP and the employee told me to switch the power cords of the monitor and the computer. You do not have to unplug the cords from the wall you just have to unplug each one from the monitor and computer and switch them. I have no idea how this remedies the problem but somehow it always does.
Hope this helps,

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RE: I have no idea how this remedies the problem but somehow it always

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have an Hp media center ...

It cures the problem because the power is removed from the Computer and the PS is allowed to reset during this time. When the computer is turned off at the front of the case there is still power going through the PS and it is generating the low voltage required to allow the pus switch on the front of the case to generate the required ripple in the 12 V DC Line to turn the PS on fully.

As for the solution it is in answer to a question asked in October 2007 so your a little late. :)


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Reponse To Answer

by rules_trent In reply to I have an Hp media center ...

I have the same problem., hp media center from 2008 and in 3 years never gave this problem... yesterday I switched the cords and worked, but when I shut down the pc is came frozen in closing windows xp... I had to turn off the energy... in the morning I had the same monitor is gloing to sleep problem... and now I did the same switching cords thing 5 times and lettin the pc rest and didn??t worked can you please help me?

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