HP network printer going offline

By hbleemel ·
We have an HP network printer shared from a Windows 2000 server and occaisionally it goes offline. We updated the firmware, drivers, etc... with no fix. It'll work for a few days then go offline. Any ideas on what the cause could be?

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I had a similar issue...

by Chris910 In reply to HP network printer going ...

I resolved a similar issue about 2 years ago by changing a SNMP timming setting in the printers network setup.

I'm Sorry I don't remember the exact details but maybe this will start you looking in the right direction.

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Fixing an offline network computer

by hgintis In reply to HP network printer going ...

Try adding a printerer from the Control Panel-->Printers window. Windows Vista will find the printer sometimes even if the current driver says it's offline. When the new printer is online, just delete the other printer.

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Try enabling SNMP on the printer

by aoliva In reply to Fixing an offline network ...

I had an HP color Laserjet 4700 installed on a Windows 2003 server that was continuously going offline. I would restart the Printer Spooler service and it would come online for a couple of minutes and then go back offline. I checked the settings on my printer and realized that I had disabled SNMP on the printer. Once this was turned back on the printer came back online and stayed online.

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Super Aoliva!!!

by teresia.willstedt In reply to Try enabling SNMP on the ...

This has been a problem here as well. A HP 3800 printer that just suddenly stopped working. Restarted the print spooler on the server and the printer was online for around 30-45 sec, then it went offline again. Had no problem pinging or accessing the printers configuration page, but was not possible to print.

After having changed hardware, updated drivers and firmware I was sure we would have to throw this printer away. Then I found this post and after activating SNMP it started working again! Not sure why or when it was deactivated.. But that does not matter now.

Thanks alot! This made my day! :-)

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We have same issue here

by Slayer_ In reply to HP network printer going ...

SNMP Is enabled here however, for read-write access.


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Reinstall printer driver

by hgintis In reply to HP network printer going ...

I have found the fastest, sure thing, is to go to the printers section of control panel, delete the printer, ask Windows to look for new printers, and reinstall the printer when Windows finds it.

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We had to turn snmp OFF

by thisisfutile In reply to HP network printer going ...

That's strange. Same issue, but I UNchecked the SNMP setting in the Properties > Port settings of our printers and now they're back on line and working as expected.

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SNMP turned off cures problem

by hungryhendry In reply to We had to turn snmp OFF

Same here, we had to turn off SNMP and it immediately came online. This is an HP B9180 photo printer on a network.

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Printer Offline

by liljoe1971 In reply to HP network printer going ...

Check to see if there is another printer with the same IP address,if so turn that printer off and test. This happened to me when I had placed a printer on the floor and a user had the bright idea of turning it on thinking they could use it. It caused an IP conflict with another printer (printer that went offline).

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HP Network Printer Offline Error

by ashily24dee In reply to HP network printer going ...


Auto continue provides two settings, off and on (the default).

If the printer is on a network, it should probably be set to ???On???.

The on setting causes the message which appears on the printer control panel display, and the printer goes offline for ten seconds, before returning online if an error occurs that prevents printing.

The ???Off??? setting causes the messages to remain on the printer control panel display, and the printer to remain offline until ???Select??? is pressed, if an error occurs that prevents printing.

Get more information to fix HP Network printer offline error :

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