HP Pavilion ZV5000

By anubisgodd2006 ·
I am new to this forum, actually this is the first forum I've even tried out. I am about to buy an HP Pavilion ZV5000 Laptop from this guy who does not want it anymore, said he bought a new laptop. The downfall is that he set a password from startup, and forgot the password. I can't even get to the Bios to change it. When I press the power button, this password block automatically pops up. He wants $200 for the system, but I can't get in. Is there any way I can get through the password internally? Any thoughts will help me get closer to the solution. Thanks.

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Unless you are getting the Install Disc's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP Pavilion ZV5000

Forget all about it as this is way too strange and sounds like stolen property.

There is no likelihood of a user forgetting their root Password that allows them access to a system if they actually own it but this is quite common if they found it after it fell off the back of a Truck.

If it's stolen you don't want a record for receiving stolen property as it will prevent you ever working for any Government Department and it's not worth the risk involved.


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by anubisgodd2006 In reply to Unless you are getting th ...

Thanks for your idea. I thought it sounded kind of weird to forget a password the owner set. Well, I guess back to Thanks again.

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Theres away

by chevyy2 In reply to HP Pavilion ZV5000

Hi yes theres away of getting it off with some software I have if you let me know i can help


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I'd dearly love to hear this in more detail...(sic)

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Theres away

So, you've got software that will defeat a boot-prompt password, have you?

Software that can over-ride a bios-entry password. This I have got to hear!

Do elaborate, please!

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by chevyy2 In reply to I'd dearly love to hear t ...

Ya I have software to over ride the password are you the guy that need help with the zx5000 ??

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Well, I've been following this post...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hey

I'd love for you to explain to me how any software can override a boot password, given that the boot password pops up before the operating system has loaded.

Unless you've got some new kind of software that runs off the motherboard!

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by chevyy2 In reply to Well, I've been following ...

LOL Look I have the software to do what he will need if he emailsme you are not in need for it rite !!?? so helpis not what your looking for and the software is not cheap!!!

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So, a rebuttal is an explanation, is it?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hi

Sounds more like a desperate attempt to change the subject!

I'm not asking for the software by name, I'm simply asking how it can possibly work.

I would suggest that the software is indeed not cheap - IT IS NON-EXISTENT!!!

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by chevyy2 In reply to So, a rebuttal is an expl ...

You know what trust is a good thing and the software is EXISTET SO THERE

Have a good one

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Yes EPROM Readers & Programmers are available

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So, a rebuttal is an expl ...

But I fail to see how in a NB that they would be of any use as the EPROM is soldered onto the M'Board and isn't a replaceable unit.

While the EPROM Readers/Programs are quite expensive you also need one for each type of PROM so that increases the cost but I still fail to see how you can reprogramme a EPROM when it's part of the M'Board.

If you are alluding to any other form of software to change the BIOS it simply doesn't exist as with these passwords there is no possibility to allow the hardware to reach the stage to alter the BIOS so it's impossible to change any Password that has been programed into this level of the system with software.


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