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Hubby's Turning 40

By Jessie ·
...and I don't know what to get him.

Next month, shortly after the birth of our 5th child, my hubby will be hitting the big 4-0h. He keeps asking me what we're going to do for his birthday, but I honestly don't know... The new baby will most likely be about 2 weeks old on his 40th, so I wouldn't want to do anything where I'd have to find her a babysitter, and we'll be AWFULLY short on cash.

Hubby is a Geek to his core... a computer gamer, built and runs a website for profit, plays D&amp style RPGs (currently Cyber-Punk) every Sunday night, loves techno music, and rock from the 70s and 80s, Van Halen, Hall and Oats, etc.

Any ideas on what to do for my wonderful hubby on his 40th birthday? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually planning to hold off on this for a year...

by Jessie In reply to peas

So that'll be his gift for his 41st birthday ]:)

Basically... we just want to make sure we have a healthy baby before we nix the chances of having any more, and as the dr says, "A lot of things can happen in the first year of life."

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Don't even think that

by jdclyde In reply to Actually planning to hold ...

anyways, my bud "put off" getting snipped and ended up with his fourth after planning on stopping at three and having a house BUILT for a family with three kids. Oops! Now he has three in diapers and is going nuts!

Reminds me of a conversation I had with my aunt that is a nurse. Back in my long hair wild days she told me to "practice safe sex". My reply was "practice makes perfect".

after another perfect baby, go have some perfect sex.

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Maybe 6 months...

by Jessie In reply to Don't even think that

At least at that point, we'd be pretty much over the risk of SIDS.

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bottle up

by jck In reply to Actually planning to hold ...

some love goo at a sperm bank...

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Thought about that too...

by Jessie In reply to bottle up

... not a bad idea...

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but I don't think that's...

by Jessie In reply to bottle up

... what we'll do for his birthday... maybe help him practice for it though.

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you're gonna

by jck In reply to bottle up

get all dressed in a nurse's outfit, with a hat and sweater and white shoes????

then hand him a cup and a Cheri mag and say "fill it to the line"?

hahahahaha ]:)

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can't go there...

by Jessie In reply to bottle up

My mom's a nurse, and I look enough like her already without dressing up in the outfit... I'm afraid that'd put hubby off for a good long while.

Would probably be a very effective means of birth control.

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my mom

by jck In reply to bottle up

was a nurse too...and my oldest sister is now.

Now you know why I don't date nurses.

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by jdclyde In reply to bottle up

now that is a creepy visual!




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