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Hubby's Turning 40

By Jessie ·
...and I don't know what to get him.

Next month, shortly after the birth of our 5th child, my hubby will be hitting the big 4-0h. He keeps asking me what we're going to do for his birthday, but I honestly don't know... The new baby will most likely be about 2 weeks old on his 40th, so I wouldn't want to do anything where I'd have to find her a babysitter, and we'll be AWFULLY short on cash.

Hubby is a Geek to his core... a computer gamer, built and runs a website for profit, plays D&amp style RPGs (currently Cyber-Punk) every Sunday night, loves techno music, and rock from the 70s and 80s, Van Halen, Hall and Oats, etc.

Any ideas on what to do for my wonderful hubby on his 40th birthday? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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by jck In reply to bottle up

only nurse I ever went out with worked for my mom...and was 15 years older.

She was smart though and now runs a floor in a major hospital in a big city in Oklahoma...and still asks my mom if I'm married yet (mom didn't know about us going I was 16).

Otherwise, yeah...creepy thought...right?

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immediate thoughts

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hubby's Turning 40

are that I'll think on this over the weekend!

First thoughts were for a surprise party (did one for my Other Half for his 50th - great time had by all) but it does take one heck of a lot of organising and planning. After minitot has arrived, you may not feel up to it right then. Way to get round? Surprise party, with all the invitees bringing home cooked food and drink on a voluntary basis. If they're worth inviting, they should be offering to do this anyhow, they will all know about your recent arrival!

No matter what, seriously think about involving the kids in "doing the house up" - i.e. decorating as much of the outside and inside of the house as you can. You can also get them to do home made decorations/posters etc. Loadsa balloons all over the place, and what really gives a red face is the largest banner you can find with "XXXX IS 40 TODAY" etc. (Had 50th ones plastered over cars, front of house, windows, balloons tied to gate, doorhandles etc. Chimney wasn't practical - too high!)

Another alternative is to turn it into a "disco", as he's into music, or even theme it as a 70's or 80's night. If you let him take over spinning the discs, he can play all his favourites, too!

As a pressie from you, Jessie, how about cutting out 40 hearts - each one can hold an IOU, a promise etc. (I'm hopeless at explaining what I'm thinking, sorry!) An IOU can be for washing the car, mowing the lawn etc. A promise for a sleep-in, pay for a pool game etc. These things don't cost a lot, but say much. Obviously, you can add more sentimental things i.e. IOU a love poem etc. Jessie, you don't need ME to tell you what to put into the soppy ones!!

Still thinking on the quiet nite theme too. In that case, hide all 40 heart messages, and create a treasure hunt! I agree with JD, you may find that's the only quiet, quality time you've had together since the arrival of minitot.

Will see what else my befuddled brain can come up with over the weekend. Hope this gives you some inspiration, Jessie!

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I like the 40 hearts idea....

by Jessie In reply to immediate thoughts

Maybe I'll do 40 things I love about him...

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Please correct me if I'm wrong here Jessie

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I like the 40 hearts idea ...

But didn't you call him a "SLOB" a few weeks ago? :)

And no you can not get out of it by claiming a Hormonal Thing because of the pregnancy.

Just give him a surprise for his 40th give him the bub and walk out saying well I carried it for nine months it's about time you took a turn. But by then you'll both be so sleep deprived that it will not matter.

Col ]:)

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Yes, he's a SLOB...

by Jessie In reply to Please correct me if I'm ...

But he's a LOVABLE SLOB. And he's MY SLOB. Of course, 39 of the 40 things I love about him have to do with sex... and #40 would be his conversational skills.

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Ah, the sex life

by jdclyde In reply to Yes, he's a SLOB...

That is the nice thing about pregnacy, no period.... ;\

I still can't believe you are intentionally taking so long to have that baby just to keep us in suspense!

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3 weeks and some change

by Jessie In reply to Ah, the sex life

Just a little more than 3 weeks to my due date. I can wait.

On the one hand, I can't wait to meet the newest member of my family... and kiss her little toes. On the other hand, this is going to be a HUGE adjustment for my 2 year old, as he's a SERIOUS momma's boy.

PLUS I'm having to take 6 weeks off completely unpaid. Blech! Not good for the family finances.

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Well I've heard that BS before

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 3 weeks and some change

When the last one was born I arranged to have holidays the week before she was due and be at home for the next 3 weeks so I could help out. Well the due date came and went and still she showed no sings of showing up when it had reached the 3 rd week being overdue I walked "She Who Must Be Obeyed" all around town then up a steep hill to the Gyno offices and he hit the roof when he took her Blood pressure so he admitted her straight away and induced her at about 2.00 AM next morning which was quite a bit earlier than he had told her much to my wifes displeasure because it meant no breakfast and as the labor wore on she missed lunch as well "Boy didn't I cop it for that as if it was my fault. "

Well eventually at 1.33 PM the daughter arrived and the first thing that "She Who Must Be Obeyed demanded was something to eat. No it wasn't a request it really was a demand and as the Doctor had not been there for the delivery she had to wait until after he showed up, again that was my fault.

The only good thing to come out of it was that when she got out of the hospital I had 3 days with her before I had to return to work so I escaped most of the hostility for her missing out on both breakfast and lunch. I'm sure if I had not have walked her around our daughter would still be in there and she turns 30 this year. :)

When it comes to "Due Dates" I take them with a grain of salt as if the mother and baby are doing fine they are left alone and allow Nature to take its course so I suppose anytime within the next 3 years we will finally get to hear about the birth of the latest member of your family. Just make sure that you don't go near a computer for those 6 weeks by then the novelty will have worn off and you'll be asking yourself "Why Did I agree To This?"

Col ]:)

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by DMambo In reply to 3 weeks and some change

With 4 already running around and one more coming, how much more broke can you get????? :)

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by Jessie In reply to 3 weeks and some change

6 weeks UNPAID when you're the main source of income in a house that lives paycheck to paycheck... that'll make ya even more broke than just having 4 kids, and one on the way.

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