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Hug-a-holics of TR - unite!!

By gadgetgirl ·
I've always been a hug-a-holic, but I thought I was in the minority until I saw this.....

Considering the global locations of all the TR peeps, I thought a World Hug Day was a brilliant invention.


Tell NeilB to come out of hiding, I'm not going to start off by hugging HIM.


So, to start off a mini TR hugging session, here's a hug from me to the Impure Brigade




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Today I'll take the hug

by DMambo In reply to MAMBO!! REALLY!!

Today's my birthday - yay!! So I'll take the hug in the spirit that it's intended. With the DD's I've read so much about, will your arms reach around???

At 45, the dead center of middle-age IMO, I'm looking at what I got. I'm middle-class, middle-aged, middle of the road. Nothing extraordinary at all. But it's a great life. The whole is definitely much much greater than the sum of the parts. God bless my wife, my kids, the rest of my family, Vermont, and my friends - including those here at TR.

OK, enough of the self-indulgent schmaltz. Wouldn't want Dawg to fry me for being too saccharin. Cheers!

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Happy birthday!

by neilb@uk In reply to Today I'll take the hug

Consider yourself birthday hugged (in a proper, manly, slightly uncomfortable sort of bonding fashion with back-thumping - nothing even slightly effeminate, markish or jdish).

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Neil as long as you're careful enough to ...... :^0 :8}

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Happy birthday!

stay firmly seated or with your back pressed tightly to the wall, you should have no problems. Whatever you do, don't drop the soap in the shower; better yet, don't even get into that shower. :^0

Dawg ]:)

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So, I'm thinkin' I'll need Neil's Translation Service (tm)

by DMambo In reply to Happy birthday!

Markish, jdish - What kind of weird limey expressions are those??? Ohhhh, M_A_R_K-ish, JD(Clyde)-ish. Now I get it.

No, no hugs like that, thanks.

In fact, due to some personal space needs, I'll take all hugs with a full 18-inch, no-touch, buffer zone.

But thanks for the kind wishes, everyone!!

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Yes! Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

by Old Guy In reply to Today I'll take the hug

Hope you have a great birthday. Just remember, each year gets you closer to where you want to go.

Edited to add: Of course the light hearted title was in light of the general discussion here. :)

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Nah, I couldn't do that today; it's your birthday; I'll wait for tomorrow.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Today I'll take the hug

All the best Dan and many more of them. From my perspective, you're still a kid yet, so that shouldn't come as any great difficulty. The trick is to forget the chronology and think back to some age like when you were in your twenties; of course you'd want to be keeping all the knowledge and skills you've picked up along the way. Youth really is wasted on the young.

Every now and then you'll find yourself in the midst of a bunch of youngsters who'll think you're pretty cool but you might be wondering why you are there. Don't worry; it's because you'll still be cool because you think young. I only think of my age when I hear one or another of my joints crack or creak; age really is nothing but a state of mind. :^0

Dawg ]:)

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((((DMambo))))) There's your hug!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Today I'll take the hug

Have a Happy Birthday!!

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Hugs to all...

by Ciderick In reply to Hug-a-holics of TR - unit ...

Damnit - we've been turned into a bunch of hug-geeks.

Oh well, if you can't beat them...


Now I'm going for a cold shower...

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I like that name!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hugs to all...

does that mean I can put "Certified Hug Geek" on my business cards??


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I should think so

by Tig2 In reply to I like that name!

After all, GG, you started the first ever TR mobius hug!

*hugs to all*

Bouncing off to the day's activities now...

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