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Hug-a-holics of TR - unite!!

By gadgetgirl ·
I've always been a hug-a-holic, but I thought I was in the minority until I saw this.....

Considering the global locations of all the TR peeps, I thought a World Hug Day was a brilliant invention.


Tell NeilB to come out of hiding, I'm not going to start off by hugging HIM.


So, to start off a mini TR hugging session, here's a hug from me to the Impure Brigade




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Damn ]:) position to hug ?

by rob mekel In reply to Hug-a-holics of TR - unit ...

how could I have missed this yesterday. :)

Is there a limit on how to hug ?
as Neilb is only allowed to hug standing up

So what position do you like to get hugged GG , or any of the other female TR-members
I'm more(only) to the female hugging kind, sorry all others :)


edited for better title/format

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Don't :_| , Rob!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Damn ]:) position to hug ...

Take two!

There! Now you are all caught up!

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Hugging in the real world

by jardinier In reply to Hug-a-holics of TR - unit ...

Hello GG.

For two years (around 1990) I worked part time at a New Age centre.

EVERYBODY, but EVERYBODY regularly hugged EVERYBODY. It was awesomely wonderful and beautiful. I got to hug all the gorgeous young girls, like every day. We even hugged customers when it felt appropriate.

It became such a natural way of life that I had trouble debriefing myself in the outside world. People freaked out. When I hugged my married lady doctor because I was so grateful to her for listening to my problems, she said I would have to see a different doctor if I did that again.

I will scan in some photos of all these lovely people I hugged regularly (yes they will be fully clothed)

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Utopian again....

by Gravitywell In reply to Hugging in the real world

Ahhhh, such is society today- oh, woe! One has to be in a group of folks who know you and can trust you. I'm sorry your doctor reacted that way. Innocence is a virtue not often found today, so everyone is suspicious... carry yourself in a way as to show integrity and sincerity... and receive the companionship of the TR guys; thanks all! Love which is shared isn't hidden.

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A huuuuuge one

by stargazerr In reply to Hug-a-holics of TR - unit ...

Impure Brigade YAY!!!

A huge huge hug to everyone. And a special ( ) extra one for the Impure brigade


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