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I am creating a website and my hyperlinks to documents will not open. I have tried both PDF and word documents to be sure. When I hyperlink to an email address or to another part of the website the hyperlink works fine.

Any suggestions?

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Try this

by nepenthe0 In reply to Hyperlinks

Right click the document hyperlink, then click copy shortcut. Clear the browser address bar, and paste (Ctrl-V) the copied URL into your browser address bar.

That should do it.

Rick/Portland, OR

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it works

by rtp2006 In reply to Try this

your suggestion works but when end users start using the site I'd rather the document just open right up instead of those extra steps? thanks for the help though

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What office software are you using? Try open office, it is free.

By the way when you put in hyperlinks in a document make sure to give it space on each side of the other text, when you paste it down press your "enter" key to give it space on the end of it. Like this:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I wish I had the perfect solution for you

by nepenthe0 In reply to Hyperlinks

Most of us stumble upon the solution I described, and the only explanation I can give you is a security feature within Windows Firewall. The Firewall will allow a response that originates from your browser.

But in this case, the browser isn't open - you are attempting to connect where you have not originated the request through the browser.

The alternative (disabling Windows Firewall) is obviously out of the question. It is possible that 3rd party Firewall software provides a workaround.

In the meantime, you should probably paste a text message to document recipients advising them to copy and paste the document URL into their browser windows.

Rick/Portland, OR

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by rtp2006 In reply to I wish I had the perfect ...

Just for kicks I turned off my firewall and AV just to see ... still doesn't want to work. This is perplexing because almost every website has document hyperlinks and they just open right up. I wonder why mine aren't working?

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So much for that theory

by nepenthe0 In reply to Hyperlinks

Only please, don't try that experiment again. It takes only seconds for thousands of malware packets to find your PC.

For a free PC security report, check out:

You will find the results very illuminating, possibly even disturbing.

'Tis better to put up with minor annoyances than risk having to reformat your hard drive and reload everything. Perhaps some more knowledgeable TR consultant will post the ultimate solution.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Example please...

by ahin4114 In reply to Hyperlinks

It would be useful if you could post an example of the html so that we could see how it's formed.

Is the page online so that others could have a look and test it...?
When you hover over the link in your browser, does the url show as you would expect in the browser status bar?
Have you got any javascript running on the anchor tag, perhaps it's stopping the link firing...

Really an example of your code would get you the best responses.

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What happens?

by phil In reply to Hyperlinks

When you click on the link does nothing happen or do you get a "document not found" error page?

If your server is Unix (or derivative) then you need to remember that the document path is likely to be case sensitive.

Also, if you have spaces in the document names, it may pay to change the spaces to hyphens or, if this is not desirable, insert %20 into the URL instead, eg [my document name.doc] becomes [my%20document%20name.doc]

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best answer yet

by apotheon In reply to What happens?


Good answer.


I think phil is probably on the right track -- but, if what he says doesn't solve the problem, we need to actually see the code before we can provide much help, I think. If the site is online, please direct us to it so we can view the markup source and see what the links do when they fail to work properly for ourselves. Some of us do web development professionally, so we should be able to help quite a bit, but it's difficult to diagnose a problem like this based on what you're saying.

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by emerem2tor In reply to Hyperlinks

I would suggest you to check the access permissions for those documents on the server which hosts the files. Check the folders permissions as well, because the final file permission is a combination of the folder and file permission.

Perhaps you don't have permissions for the anonymous user. When you access the file, it works because is ?you?, but when somebody else tries from outside he might not have the right access to the files, or the path is restrictive?

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