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I am having problems upgrading to XP from ME

By howardmoll ·
I currently own a Sony Vaio PCV RX-280DS which comes with ME factory-installed. I have been trying to upgrade to Xp, but to no avail. The problem I am having is this:
I started the setup program and it went through its routine of intalling setup files etc. Then it restarts, and the touble begins. The computer tried to load XP to finish setup, but it wouldn't; I got a stop error instead. I restarted the computer to try to find help with Sony. I restarted again and tried to continue setup, upon which I got a different error: "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue."
I have about run out of things to try.

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No Go

by tc11_92591 In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

You have to re-format.

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

This one almost drove me crazy.
I went from an ABit KT 7A Raid Motherboard, 1.2 Gb CPU with 768 mgs of SD Ram running my Windows ME and everything was fine. Then I installed the XP over the WinME, Upgraded and everything was still fine. Then for some reason it crashed. By then I had changed Motherboards and gone from a 1.2 CPU to a 2.8 Gb and from 768 Mgs ram to 2Gb PC133 400Mgrz DDR Ram. All was working very well with the new stuff as well. I then tried to re-install my WinMe. All went well until the restart point and then it would go into the safe mode menu, you know pick a number as to how you want to start? It took me two weeks to figure out that the problem was I had "too much Ram". I yanked a stick, bringing me down to 1Gb and the thing went in smooth as butter and then re-added my XP.
What I had forgotten was that after a certain amount of ram, 968mgs "I think" 98 and/or WinME don't recognize it and goes into a redundancy loop. It keeps shutting down starting over and always ending up that the same place, the menu with the 1 to 4 choices. If I were you, I would remove some Ram, at least to a point around 700 mgs and then try installing your ME again. You might find this will solve your problem. I would further suggest that you consider just go ahead and install the XP Directly, then you shouldn't have any problems. Just out the CD in the Rom and have the system BIOS start from the CD Rom, follow the instructions and your in.
Good Luck
Aaron :)

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Sounds like Alzheimer's to me too!

by tomj001 In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

I had a similar memory problem as Powerman. What I would do is try switching the memory sticks around, if you have multiple ram sticks
installed on your computer. A good stick can carry a slightly damaged ram module as long as the good one is in the first slot.
I say this because if your running with say; 128 mb which is low a amount of memory, your going to have a really slow installation. My setup was an XP Home Upgrade from Win98.

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