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I am now training a client's employee because of something

By gstrom ·
I am a consultant that has a client for about 4 years. Last hurricane season he had a network crash and had to pay about 8k to get it all fixed. Now he said he is going to use one of his office people to do the day to day work, and I will do the once a month system updates for about 3 hours as he puts it. He also wants the office person to watch me as I do the updates so he can learn them. Any experience from anyone out there with this type of situation.

Am I about to lose a client to an office assistant, or not?

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by JamesRL In reply to Time will tell...

Not in 15 minute increments - unless you want to be poor.

Minimum call time - 1 hr. Even if its a 5 minute call. Then if it exceeds an hour, bill in 15 minute increments.

Thats less generous than how we pay internal staff who get overtime when they get paged. My previous employer paid 2 hours minimum for an after hours page.


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Billing

One hour for a page and three hours minimum if you had to be on site as a permanent member of staff. Still wasn't enough as far as I was concerned, detested being on call.

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Just some food for thought....

by mmoran In reply to I am now training a clien ...

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Why note YOU for the $8K???

by reisen55 In reply to I am now training a clien ...

I am wondering if you are the recipient of the $8000 invoice? In any disaster recovery consideration, planning in advance for an efficient restoration is crucial and the client should know of, and add his knowledge too, the recovery plan. Thus if done correctly, a network rebuild is a known fact of life and $8K should not be a surprise to your client - it should be a relief in fact!!! But from what you write, I fear somebody else did the job and now the client is burned on outsiders OF ANY TYPE and wants an internal person to do the job. By itself, not bad - an office CHAMPION is long a concept for small chores, but watch your client and DO PREPARE BUSINESS CONTINUITY and DR PLANS for your clients, advertise this service and work with them on the plans and costs therein.

Oh, and when you are the DR person and have to work on restoration, YOU are the most critical person IN THE WORLD for your client and they should be made aware of that.

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