i bought new Toshiba but i want XP

By internetspider ·
I 'm trying to install XP but XP says no HDD found on your system.

But there is HDD in bios.
plz what is the solution.


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The sata/ide controller may be set to raid mode

by nentech In reply to i bought new Toshiba but ...

If so set it to compatible mode or non raid mode

Or you can create a driver disk for XP setup

It will help if we know the model of the laptop or mother board


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yea thanks but ...

by internetspider In reply to The sata/ide controller m ...

laptop is Toshiba sattelite A200-1FJ 1.83,2gb of Ram, 200 HDD.

i've checked bios nothing is there, Vista can be install on it.

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It sounds like you need

by nentech In reply to yea thanks but ...

a driver disk for xp

Problem is xp install will only load them from floppy drives

If you have a flash drive you may be able to use that


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I can tell you EXACTLY what you need

by bheite In reply to It sounds like you need

I just went through this very same mess a few weeks ago when I bought my father a Gateway Laptop that had Vista Home on it. He definitely did NOT want Vista, so I went to reasearch and also to accomplish the mission. It should seem simple, as when I have ever loaded XP SP2 onto a SATA drive, I have never had an issue. Till now. XP defeated every attempt to load it, by hook or crook. I found a hint at a web site forum and found the secret.
For some insane reason, the gods at Redmond have managed to work some magic that has disabled the autoload of SP2 for the SATA drivers. We are back in the stone age of having to load at the intial start of the XP process the SATA drivers the old way. To do this you will need a USB floppy drive (thank goodness they did not remove USB support or we all would be toast). Almost any drive should work, but there is an off chance you may have a compatability issue (why, I don't know but that was a caution I found in several other posts) with a specific drive. I can say a Memorex USB floppy (39.00 at Staples), worked ok with the Intel 845 chipset on this board. You will then need the correct (and I do mean correct) XP SATA driver for you chipset. You will load this driver onto a computer with a floppy drive (or use the USB one you now have), and it should automatically have an .exe file that will make the floppy for you. Once you have that, then you can fire up the laptop, and when it says "Press F8 to load third party SATA(or Raid) driver", do so with you floppy plugged in and the disk inside it. Make sure you have floppy enabled in your bios if it is an option (was not in Gateway's skeletal bios). It should then start loading the SATA driver, finish, and continue the rest of the XP load.
Thank you, Bill, for making our lives backward compatable! What greedy maroons....

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Thanks I was

by nentech In reply to I can tell you EXACTLY wh ...

Not so well when I posted

Your answer has much more info and should be of help to internetspider

It seems that M$ did not think booting from raid devices was that important
Somehow SATA got pulled into the mess

Don?t know why MS didn?t let the bios handle the hard drive until the driver could be installed

Some info for anyone reading these posts
Many motherboards have different modes for their IDE/SATA controllers
In almost all cases they need to be set to a compatibility Mode not raid

This is done in the BIOS set-up entered by pressing a key on the keyboard when the computer starts up
On most it is the delete key others can be esc, F1, F2, F8, F10

On some PCs the compatibility can be called combined or enhanced

Don?t forget you can always contact the manufacturer of your PC for help


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Most Bios are deficient

by bheite In reply to Thanks I was

My experience with a lot of the laptop bios today is that they are no where's near the standard of a desktop, and lack such niceities as selectable compatability mode. I found many of the normal selections either do not exist, or are greyed out and inaccessable. Painful, very painful. I have not been able to find out if this issue with laptops applies to Vista desktops or not.

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You must enter the bios and flip one setting

by Shiney69rr In reply to i bought new Toshiba but ...

By default most machine are being set to AHCI by default. You must change it to either one of the two choices. IBM and Dell list them differently. You must change it to "SEPERATE IDE DRIVES" or to "Compatibility"

Restart the computer after saving changes and you are back in business.

I believe if you tab to the second row of the menus selections on the top of the Bios it will be in that row.

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Not on a Gateway

by bheite In reply to You must enter the bios a ...

The 2 gateways's I have done have had no access to these settings. The only thing you can do is set the boot config and which ones in what order. Their bios is incredibly bare boned.

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XP Service Pack 2

by Alexander323 In reply to i bought new Toshiba but ...

I had a similar problem and XP service pack 1 does not see the larger drives. Slipstream the cd with sp2 and start the install that way. there is a doc on tech republic somewhere on how to slipstream and make the cd bootable.

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by bheite In reply to XP Service Pack 2


For some reason, systems with Vista are not configured in such a way as to allow the built in sata driver to intialize and load SP2 onto laptops. I have done this many times on desktops, but the two laptops I have done recently all required a trip back to the old days of stone age "loading of the SATA drivers-F8 at start". You will need to use the usb floppy as that is the only way that XP will reocognize the driver and the sata HD. WHY? Because it Microsoft. I think it is something in the Bios settings they are using now for VISTA chipsets in laptops, I had seen an article from a computer shop where they explained just how painful it was, and how they had a boodle of laptops in just to do this very chore.

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