I can ping everything but connect to nothing

By fbrooks ·
I came into work one day and opened Outlook and it would not connect, so I pinged my Exchange server and recieved a reply, I proceeded to open up Internet Explorer and it would not connect to any website, but yet again I can ping any website. I cannot connect to my shared drives on any of my servers. I can use Yahoo messenger and a game that connects to a server to play and both of these work.

Things I have done:

I uninstalled and reinstalled Symantec Antivirus and pushed out the new updates from the Symantec AV server we have, then I ran a full scan and no virus.

I did a repair on the network connection

I uninstalled the Nic Card and restarted.

Changed the IP from a DHCP to a Static address

I ran 3 or 4 different Spyware tools and antivirus tools

Checked Symantec for new viruses that have come out

Checked the traffic on the Router to see if there was an increase in traffic or alot of traffic coming from any particular computers

that is all I can think of for now but I have been working on this issue for 4-6 hrs and have gone no where. This started out with my desktop and then I found out about a few others on 1/17/07 but now there is 15 out 30 computer in a lab doing it on 1/18/07.

Also there are a couple laptops this is happening too and if they take there laptop home it is not working either same symptoms.

Any one have any suggestions PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks

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Firewall or router?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to I can ping everything but ...

Maybe you should try to connect to one of your servers directly, bypassing your router and/or firewall by using a small switch between the two to see if the router is causing the problem. If you can connect directly, check the router configuration carefully to see if that has changed.

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firewall or router

by fbrooks In reply to Firewall or router?

I have a laptop plugged up to the same switch and it is working fine, I have a total of about 400 computers and 30-40 are showing this problem at 2 different locations.

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Anti-Virus engine

by tony.tien In reply to I can ping everything but ...

Have you check the version of symantec? if the version is or below, you had better to upgrade to, as there is one virus can block about 10 network ports.

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by fbrooks In reply to Anti-Virus engine

Do you know the name of this virus, I did a little researching and could not find anything, thanks for your response

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few things

by JGlauber In reply to I can ping everything but ...

try resetting the IP stack:
go to a command prompt and type
netsh int ip reset reset.txt

Download this:
and let it rebuild winsock.

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Ip Stack

by fbrooks In reply to few things

thanks for your response. I tried this and still have no luck.

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Router problem

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to I can ping everything but ...

Check your router configuration and reset it to defaults.

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by fbrooks In reply to Router problem

We have a company that manages our routers but I wouldn't believe it is this since, the problem is only happening on 30-40 CPU's out of around 3-400 and at two different locations.

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WinsockXPFix Works

by rbendorf In reply to Router

I have been having trouble getting into a few key sites for sometime now...I tried WinsockXPFix and it worked...thanks for the info.

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