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I can't believe this

By AV . ·
I'm absolutely floored.



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by jck In reply to i woulda

and I have no kids.

I remember once tho my sister smacked my niece on the face when she was maybe 3 or 4.

I grabbed my sister's arm and told her if she ever hit my niece in the head again, she'd need a cast on each arm.

Hitting in the head of a kid is abuse pure and simple.

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But a smacked bottom is a-ok...

by Forum Surfer In reply to ditto


I'm old school, I believe in disciplining your children and sometimes that calls for a swift pop on the butt to get their attention.

This guy though, if he smacked my kid like that I would be in the paper for beating an old guy within an inch of his life at WalMart!

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by jck In reply to But a smacked bottom is a ...

I think a smack on the butt is okay to a certain age. I think when kids can communicate and you can address it with them as fully comprehending beings and explain to them, the smack on the butt is stretching it.

Besides, the stinging only lasts a few minutes. Taking away their phone, tv, radio, iPod, Xbox, etc., makes them regret it longer.

But yeah... for a 2 year old like the age of that little girl, a smack on the butt is a negative reinforcement she'd understand better than having right and wrong explained.

And yeah, me too. Someone came up and smacked my kid, I'd be in the paper for murder.

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I'd say the age is older than two

by Forum Surfer In reply to yeah

I've always viewed suspension of privileges as a kind of light punishment. I got my a$$ whipped at 10 or older and I turned out just fine.


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by jck In reply to I'd say the age is older ...

I don't know at 10. It really depends on the maturity and intelligence of the child.

I got my *** whipped past 10, but when helping raise my niece I didn't smack her butt past 3. Of course at 3, she was able to use a PC and could read fully and all. I always told her: "I'm not going to lie to you. If I have to spank you, it's going to hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me. Guaranteed."

She understood how big I was and how strong, and she minded well. I just always explained to her why she couldn't have her way. And if she cried, I told her crying wouldn't get it for her. That maybe if she was really extra good and nice, I might change my mind. That always gave her incentive to help clean, come when she was called, etc.

I think the punishment has to fit the kid...that's all.

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Punishment fitting the kid...

by Forum Surfer In reply to I'd say the age is older ...

I'm with ya there. My youngest is incredibly advanced for his age and displays his mother's compassion. A simple harsh tone will reduce him to tears. The older one, now 10 was different. He has my stubbornness and defiance to the nth degree. Harsh words, timeouts and removal of privileges did nothing. He needed a swift kick in the a$$ to get motivated or back on track at times...much like myself to this day. Just ask the future Mrs Surfer! I would say that I don't know where the kid gets it, but I know exactly where that particularly gene comes from.


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I think -- if she was

by The Scummy One In reply to At the first slap

unable or too scared, that someone else would have.
surprised the cops didnt take him for a long drive to the station -- with just a quick stop :^0

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now THAT would be cool

by jck In reply to I think -- if she was

or maybe lose him on the way there...say...in the bottom of a lake.

ugh...i hate people like that dude. i want to drive up there and wait for him to make bail.

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Send the invitations...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to I think -- if she was

...we're having a blanket party!!!

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:) -- I have a bag of oranges

by The Scummy One In reply to Send the invitations...

I hear that they leave internal damage -- not external :)

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