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I can't believe this

By AV . ·
I'm absolutely floored.



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I doubt...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to I would lose it I'm sure

...he would have done the same thing, had it been a father and a child; unless the father was diminutive in stature.

Cowardly acts are usually done by cowardly people.

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by jck In reply to I doubt...

And hittin a kid in the head is done by someone who needs a minimum of 20 years in prison, IMHO.

Like I have said. If it had been my kid, he'd have been done in. Anyone were to hit my kid in the head, the next thing they would feel would be my big body dozing them down and then they might stay conscious through the first 3 or 4 kicks/punches.

There are certain things that set me off. Hitting a kid in the head is one of them. Hitting one of my family is a whole other level though.

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Not to mix threads...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Yep

...but another movie quote just came to mind:

"I'll pull you out of that one bunk Hilton and cast you down with the sodomites..."

Say what you will about inmates, but people that beat on kids are pretty low on the pecking order (or high, if you want to use the word 'pecking' in a different way).

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oh yeah

by jck In reply to Not to mix threads...

I had a buddy who went in the pen for involuntary manslaughter. He told me what they did to a dude that was convicted for rape of a teenage girl.

It wasn't pretty. I promise.

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Wasn't pretty

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to oh yeah

But well deserved, I am sure!

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oh yeah

by jck In reply to Wasn't pretty

What the criminal justice system doesn't do to you the things you deserve in a courtroom, the inmates you have to show your file to when you go in will surely dispense to you in a shower or in your own cell or in the common area.

Vigilante justice does have its uses on occassion.

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Ex-neighbor's 18 year old son

by Forum Surfer In reply to oh yeah

Was bound for county lock up after being "falsely accused" of assaulting a 17 year old girl. The parents asked me for advice. I said if you believe him then you don't need to let him spend more than hour in county lockup because word gets around.

He spent 24 hours in lockup for whatever reason. He ended up losing an eye he was beaten so badly and needed plastic surgery to fix his face. He also took a few ****** stitches. Granted if he was guilty he deserved it. But if mom and pop were using tough love and he was innocent, boy did he pay for it.

That's just county. Actual prisons are horrible if you've ever been inside one. Stuff you see and hear about them pales in comparison to experiencing it. Even being a visitor\contractor and being free to leave at will is unnerving. You're locked in there with them. In the event of lockdown, depending on where you are located...you stand a good chance of the goon squad coming in to put everyone (your non-convict-self included) down and ask questions later.

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oh yeah...been there

by jck In reply to Ex-neighbor's 18 year old ...

A girl I went to college with was the daughter of the assistant warden of Mac Alford Correctional Institution (called "Big Mac").

I was taken for a "tour" of the place. Not the kinda place I'd wanna call home.

My buddy told me that the guy who raped the teen girl was raped repeatedly, beat down several times and spent weeks in the infirmary. He said after it slowed down on him, he never spoke a lot and followed orders.

That's why I try not to beat people up. I don't know how well I'd do in prison. I tend not to give up and would probably get killed in the first fight I had with someone who knew how to fight...or the first one who had a shank.

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The way fighting was explained to me...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Ex-neighbor's 18 year old ...

Everyone, guards and inmates said that if you fight as an inmate the only way to survive is to fight with the intent to kill the other guy no matter what it is over. Chances are you'll be stopped, but otherwise you'll be marked.

Fighting skills or not, it is different in there from what I hear. Lots of so called tough guys get taken down quickly because they aren't used to multiple attackers going in for the kill.

Either way, I know I wouldn't last a minute alone. Although I'd like to say I'd fight to the death, rumor has it few get the opportunity. They get beat into submission, beat unconscious or just held down by enough guys to get the job done. None of these outcomes are acceptable by my standards. :)

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Right there with you

by Tig2 In reply to I would lose it I'm sure

He would definitely have found himself looking pretty ridiculous with his head stuffed up his @ss.

I agree- he looks like an ogre. But that wouldn't go far to stop me if I saw him slapping a little kid. Even if it was HIS kid.

Yes, I can be pretty formidable when I want to be.

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