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I can't believe this

By AV . ·
I'm absolutely floored.



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by jck In reply to HOLY CRAP!

My family thinks I'm nuts when I do that.

I drink tobasco/louisiana hot sauces from the bottle (I love the flavor!)

I eat jalapenos straight (I even put them on salads when I have them)

I love hot and spicy food. I've just had hot sauces now that border on absurd. The "heat" overpowers their flavor.

I have some stuff at home called "Da Bomb Beyond Insanity", which is supposedly the #3 hottest sauce made. You can put 1 drop in a gallon can of beans and it will spice them nice. One drop will set ya on fire for about 1/2 hour.

I had some stuff once that was 1.5M scoville units, and it was insanely hot. Given they have extracts now that measure upward of 7M, I would fear trying that stuff.

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Of course not...don't be ridiculous

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to HOLY CRAP!

I'd feed them sauce made from the habanero. Easier to tote around and doesn't go bad as quickly!!

Seriously, though, I actually am pretty lucky. Both daughters are well-behaved in public. Thank Heaven for mom's influence!

With a son on the way, though, I'm not betting on going 3-for-3. May need to visit Nawlins soon to stock up on some sauce! :)

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No need to go to Nawlins for sauce

by jck In reply to HOLY CRAP!

Just go online.

Go to New Orelans for the Hurricanes (drink at Pat O'Briens...not Katrina-like stuff lol) and the "Hurricane 190" if that little slushy shop still exists about 2 blacks up on Jackson St from Canal.

I think it was basically Tang with Everclear. I got a 44 oz one for $7 back in 1995, and that thing lasted me 3 hours and I was PLASTERED the whole time. :^0

I miss Nawlins

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Talk about well behaved

by The Scummy One In reply to HOLY CRAP!

I was in Costco last week, and there was this mother/daughter. The girl was in the cart and looked to be under 5 yrs.
anyway, everytime the mother turned her back and walked more than 5 steps, the girl would cry out that her mom had gone too far away.

The chain was attached without any real chain

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by jck In reply to HOLY CRAP!

Oh man, I've seen that before. Kids will make the mom keep them right next to them.

If my kid did that, it'd be finding the meanest sitter for them to have without having some abusive moron.

Then when they complained, I'd say "Well, if you behaved well I'd let you go."

Of course, my kids will probably be too smart for me. That's usually the case anyways. :^0

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Best 'in store parenting' I've ever seen

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to HOLY CRAP!

I was down at Ft. Hood visiting family.

We ended up going to the PX for one reason or another.

There was a little boy who picked up a video game, and started "Daddy, Daddy can we buy...."

Daddy quickly looked down at junior and flashed him 'the look'. No words were exchanged. None needed to be. Junior patiently stood in line next to daddy, and exited the store quietly.

Hooah! :)

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by jck In reply to HOLY CRAP!

Must be something in the water.

My dad was in the Army at Ft. Hood, TX. That's where he met my mother.

And when my dad gave me "The Look", I shut up too.

Of course, my dad was 6'5", about 275, and pretty much solid muscle. :^0

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Natural remedy...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Pepper Sauce, Not Pepper ...

for thumb sucking, too. :^0

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wonder if

by Snuffy09 In reply to I can't believe this

they will find a Young kidnapped girl in his back yard. he looks like a dirty old man.

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He does seem the type..

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to wonder if

...to wear Eau De Perv after shave.

Hopefully, the look into him more than just giving him a slap (No pun intended) on the wrist and lame community service.

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