My initial screen says "A disk read error occured "....i tried going into the Bios to change the boot sequence to reformat , but it won't let me change it .

I'm thinking about getting a new hard drive , since this one is obviously corrupted......but will a new hard drive allow me to reformat ??

Or , is there another way around this without buying a new hard drive ?....It bugs me that i can't change the boot sequence...

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You obviously need to put your glasses back on....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I didn't change my story. ...

... because if you had, you would have seen the TIME THE POST WAS EDITED shows up on each one of them!

I wasn't watching the board the entire period of time, but this is how I saw it all happen.

(1) Original post:
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 08:16 AM (PDT)

(2) My first reply:
You won't be able to change the boot sequence IF....
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 08:25 AM (PDT)

(3) Your first reply:
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 08:54 AM (PDT)

Note: At this time, you said nothing about contacting the supervisor, only that it warned you that you were in user mode.

(4) I then replied:
How did you enter the BIOS screen?
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 09:55 AM (PDT)

(5) To which you replied:
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 10:42 AM (PDT)

(6) You then EDITED the post you made in step 3, adding the part about contacting the supervisor........
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 08:54 AM (PDT) (edited 06/28/2009 @ 10:43 AM (PDT))

(7) You then edited the post you made in step 5 (I didn't see the original, so I don't know what you changed)......
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 10:42 AM (PDT) (edited 06/28/2009 @ 10:44 AM (PDT))

( To which I replied:
First of all........
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 03:50 PM (PDT)

(9) To which YOU replied and claimed that you had only change 3 letters and did it 1/2 hour after the post, not 2 hours as I had stated in #8 above:
I didn't change my story.......
Posted: 06/28/2009 @ 04:10 PM (PDT)


Now, since...

(A) I KNOW what I saw the first time I read #3 above and.....
(B) you went back nearly 2 hours after the original post of #3 above.....
(C) which was nearly 1 hour AFTER I had already posted #4 above and nearly 2 hours AFTER you had posted #3 above.....
(D) you lied about the timing of your edits when you made post #9 above.....
(E) since you lied about one thing, the validity of anything else you've said in that post is suspect.....

.... you can darned well bet that you will not receive any further help on this matter from anyone who takes the time to read this thread or research your posting history through your profile.

Good luck!

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Some Practical Advice

by reisen55 In reply to I CAN'T CHANGE THE BOOT S ...

A failed hard drive can be recovered in only a few ways. I assume by your F2 note that you have a Dell. You can only change boot order to be a floppy, CDRom or 1st Hard Drive, BIOS will not let you pick and choose which one. You do that with the cables to the drive itself and always use the small jumpers set to CABLE SELECT. Look that up if you have to.

Disk read errors may be a failed drive and you have only a few options. Put the drive in the freezer for a few hours and, oddly enough, it may come back to life.

Secondly, if you have or can obtain Windows XP Boot BART PE - get it. Boot your system off the CDRom and use this wonderful product to diagnose and copy data from your cold, reinstalled drive to another media. That is most important.

Drives themselves are cheap. Get your data off first and then consider keeping your drive if it does work, reinstallation or just hang it all and buy a larger drive.

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Hey Reisen.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Some Practical Advice

... Guess you didn't read carefully.

First, the title says he has an Acer Aspire. It's NOT a DELL. Many manufacturers us the F2 option, so you can't go by that.

Second, he can't boot to CD and can't change the boot order in the BIOS. If you read further, you'll see that he's got a supervisor password on the BIOS and can only enter them in user mode.

Third, if you read the entire thread before responding, you will notice that he's a liar and doesn't deserve the help of this forum.

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by POINTMAN8883 In reply to Hey Reisen....... Reisen , thank you for your concern and your input....i really do appreciate it . Thumbsup2 , you kept claiming that i changed my story , and i just read that you called me a liar . Well.....please understand something here , i had no reason to change my story , nor did i change it......i only went back and corrected three typos :

1) the "A" was missing in " a disk error occured "....and i added it
2) the " i " in " it bugs me that i cant change the boot sequence "....was also missing...i added the i
3) the " or " that starts off the third paragraph.....i added it as well

And i fixed these typos in the exact order listed . I didn't come here to start trouble , or mislead anyone , or intentionally leave out information that could have been helpful......i came looking for help because i was in a bind .

Now , your initial response to my writing in caps.....thats what set me off , because i wasn't being offensive towards you in any kind of way.....**** , i was looking for help , not obedience training . Had you given me a chance and put mind over matter , i would have apologized for the caps & explained myself fully in my thank you note to you , because i hold a high regard for consideration .

Anyway , i initially wrote in caps because i was on my out and i didnt want to keep you waiting . I had noticed how quickly you responded to my initial post , so , naturally i wanted to return the gesture as well as fix the problem , but my glasses were in the car , my family was waiting on me , and i wanted to be sure i didnt mispell too many words . That's why i wrote in caps....not to insult , but to inform , and i know damn well the content wasn't offensive at when i picked up on your rudeness , i got pissed , in fact i'm still pissed , but i dont practice ignorance or pettyness.....and i'm man enough to admit my faults.....

Now , this two-hour difference you claim , i thought about it , and i even gave you the benefit of the doubt in the time difference , but i stand against your claim that i changed the whole post & left out important information , because it's just not , after thinking on it , all i could come up with was that either the site made a mistake , or it took a helluva long time to post.....but i assure you , with every confidence known to man , that i did not make my typo changes two hours later....if i had , i would admit it in a second......i have nothing to gain either why would i lie ??

Now , you can believe what you want , you can call me what you want , i just know that the truth was spoken here , without hesitation .

You took my writing in caps the wrong way , intentionally too , but now , to me , it's water on a duck's back....i apologize to you for whatever you think i did wrong , but know this , i stand by my word . were right about my comment being over the top , but you were wrong about the most important fact . Either way , i dont owe you an apology , so i wont give one . older mycroft.....I understand your frustration and your input.....all i can say is hopefully , you & i will not meet under any type of friction i'm in that had nothing to do with you initially and you decide to intervene.....

Ok , now , for thumbsup2 & those who were only concerned with the problem and not the's what happened....

I went to Fry's electronics and bought a new hard drive...a sata 160gb , made by Toshiba....after i installed it , i was asked for a password.....i entered it , same as before , and then when i got to the Bios , i was asked again for a password.....i entered it . and same as before , it gave me no access , so , i glanced at the windows decal for the xp home edition registration key , and in very small letters below the key it read : pw-leslie,cathy.....

Before this happened , i had been just using " leslie " as the password , because when i obtained the laptop , thats the password i was given . ( i bought the laptop from a guy who bought his daughter a new one because this one " stopped working "....i paid 40 bucks for it ) , i go into into the Bios and try " cathy ".......and boom.....i was in....right away i changed the boot sequence and started that time the drama in here was in full bloom.......

I want to say thank you to everyone......its been a helluva experience and im putting this behind me.....

thanks again


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