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I can't drive 55

By jdclyde ·
But the losers we have elected to Congress are actually looking at lowering the speed limit back to 55.

There have been rumblings here in Michigan, and now actual talk in Congress.

State police has already gone on record that speed limits don't work unless people WANT to drive that speed, and many see this as a blatant attempt to generate "revenue" via excessive speeding tickets.

In most cases, I have slowed my speed down to 65 on my own. I get better mileage (about 40mpg) AND piece of mind that I don't have to panic every time I drive through a speed trap because I know my speed didn't creep up on me after a long drive. (My commute to work is an hour each way).

Should this be allowed to go through, or should we stand up and demand the feds back off? If people choose to drive slower (you hear me greenies, driving your hybrid 80 mph?) good for them, but it is moving to a more oppressive government.

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Out of state plates makes you a target

by jdclyde In reply to Me either...

And some states will make you pay for your ticket on the spot and can process your credit card for you.

It is all about the money.

Too bad cops don't get more "revenue" protecting our neighborhoods instead of looking for someone driving 5 mph over the limit.

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Where the action is

by santeewelding In reply to Out of state plates makes ...

Not everyone over the limit is that species which is incapable by nature of doing no harm to us and to our neighborhood.

But they are snared that way, frequently.

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If you don't want to pay the fine,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Out of state plates makes ...

don't exceed the speed limit. It's that simple.

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Just as simple

by jdclyde In reply to If you don't want to pay ...

have reasonable limits.

When laws are unreasonable, they are most often broken.

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By the unreasonable. nt

by santeewelding In reply to Just as simple
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When booze was illegal

by jdclyde In reply to By the unreasonable. nt

everyone/anyone who had a drink was unreasonable?

If you EVER speed, you are unreasonable?

Guess I am unreasonable, because I have shattered that law many times over the years. Have never gone over 140mph on the highway though....

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by santeewelding In reply to When booze was illegal

Drinking it was not made illegal by the letter of the law, though I grant that the spirit forbade spirits for their unreasonable results.

So personally have I experimented with unreasonable speed. Damn near paid for it, too.

Such is reason. The reasoner needs the underside, too, meaning there to be something else in the works besides that and the obverse.

Thus do I contend, uncommitted either way until I have to be.

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What are 'reasonable' limits?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just as simple

It's been my experience driving all over the U.S. that it doesn't matter what the posted limit is, people drive 10-15 miles an hour faster. Maybe we should post 50 to get people to drive 60.

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Determine reasonable

by jdclyde In reply to What are 'reasonable' lim ...

Is it reasonable to try to intentionally set limits of speed just to generate additional revenue via tickets?

Is it reasonable to make people drive 55 on roads designed to be driven at 80 on?

Sure, lets set the limit to 40.

People are in a big hurry to get no where. Always have been, always will be. The slower you drive, the longer you are on the road, the more time you have to get distracted or doze off, causing more accidents, putting more people at risk AND taking up more space on the roads for longer periods of time logically adds to congestion on the roads.

If the idea is to cut on emissions, ban all air travel.

If the idea is to save fuel, ban all air travel.

If the idea is to pretend to do something about the problem of fuel prices, mess with the speed you will allow people to drive.

Next will be a government monitoring device in your home to make sure you don't have the heat to high or the air conditioning to low. Lets give people a ticket if they have old leaky windows.

Government mandates are not the solution.

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You laugh but.....

by JamesRL In reply to Determine reasonable

In Ontario, there is a voluntary program where you get a special thermostat which may in a time of power shortages, move your thermostat up a couple of degrees (in the summer), when the power company deems it necessary. It is voluntary but you get a discount on your power.

What happens if we get a real electricity generation crisis and they make them mandatory.....?


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