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I can't drive 55

By jdclyde ·
But the losers we have elected to Congress are actually looking at lowering the speed limit back to 55.

There have been rumblings here in Michigan, and now actual talk in Congress.

State police has already gone on record that speed limits don't work unless people WANT to drive that speed, and many see this as a blatant attempt to generate "revenue" via excessive speeding tickets.

In most cases, I have slowed my speed down to 65 on my own. I get better mileage (about 40mpg) AND piece of mind that I don't have to panic every time I drive through a speed trap because I know my speed didn't creep up on me after a long drive. (My commute to work is an hour each way).

Should this be allowed to go through, or should we stand up and demand the feds back off? If people choose to drive slower (you hear me greenies, driving your hybrid 80 mph?) good for them, but it is moving to a more oppressive government.

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Validate your premise, please.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Determine reasonable

"Is it reasonable to try to intentionally set limits of speed just to generate additional revenue via tickets?"

Unless you can provide some data justifying that as the cause, I'm afraid we're at a philosophical impasse. If the only motivation was to generate additional revenue, all the authorities would have to do is enforce the existing limits. They could do that without attracting the attention raised by lowering the limit.

"Government mandates are not the solution."

Agreed, but people keep asking Congress why they aren't doing something about gas prices. People cheer when Congressional committees have these wink-and-nudge hearings with the oil industry bigwigs. When Congress tries to take action that affects the other end of the supply chain, suddenly people want the government to butt out. Can't have it both ways.

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based upon reading the paper

by jdclyde In reply to Determine reasonable

that the groups in charge of enforcement of these law have said yesterday in the Detroit Free Press.

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And some states will make you pay for your ticket on teh spot

by Oz_Media In reply to Out of state plates makes ...

Canadians are exempt from that now. Of teh 51 states, 41 have a reciprocal agreement with Canada (Ontario speciically) where they will bill Ontario and Ontario notifies your province of residence, the tricket has to be paid in Canada before you can renew your licence, which buys you another 5 years to pay, if need be.

In the other 10 states, more and more come on board each year, they cannot detain a Canadian for a ticket. They MUST release you with a promise to appear in court if you wish to fight the ticket (this is exaclt why they have worked out a reciprocal agreement).

Here's a funny one:
I had a beater car years ago ('75 Civic what a gas!)that I stripped, stranded and gave away to a kid at a gas station without papers in the USA (Seattle area). Left antifreeze and water all over the gas stations parking lot, should have taken a picture but it was befroe digital cameras were cheap. A truly hilarious mess as I gave the kid puming gas the keys to his new free car, no papers of course.

About 6 months later the station owner sent me a bill, made on a $10.00 tractor feed printer that looked like it was created on a Commodore64. It was all officially titled as coming from the local authorities and indicated they wanted over $900.00 for storage or I would be flagged at the border, yada, yada, BS .

I ended up reporting him to local authorities, he was fined for impersonation and had to pay up afew grand in fines himself or he would lose his gas dealers license.

'kin idiot!

And someone just said US management is among the most highly educated in the world?! LOL

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Service station owner is hardly "management"

by jdclyde In reply to And some states will make ...

I sold a car about 14 years ago.

We have a law in Michigan that states you have 15 days to transfer the title or you get fines. You can also not change or alter anything written, to keep people from "jumping title" by turning around and selling it themselves without ever paying the money for their title ($60 to $200).

This car had been sold 6 times, each time the new seller crossing out the name of the purchaser and writing the new persons name in. (After the first time, the title was void)

A dealer finally got a hold of the car, and tried to scare me into signing a paper saying it was still my car or I would get in trouble over this. I still has my receipt for the sale of the car, so I called the secretary of state and informed them of this dealer trying to scam the system AND me.

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It wasn't a title issue

by Oz_Media In reply to Service station owner is ...

The car was dead when I left it a few days earlier, after returning and stripping it, I walked up to the kid pumping gas and said "hey want a car?" he looked a bit dumfounded so I tossed him the keys and got into my car.

As I was doing so, the owner came out and said "Hey, what are you gonna do with this, you can't leave it here!" I had already called a salvage yard, who never actually did pick it up, so I said, it's not my car, talk to him (pointing at the attendant with the keys in his hand) and then left.

The car was scrapped as abandoned, no title needed at that point.

But I did think it was pretty funny when the owner decided to send me a storage and towing bill, I turned it on him and he got screwed pretty good. I think I kept the bill for laughs, but don't know where it is now.

Believe me, this was a scene from the WebNinja. Truly stupid.

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Five years?

by JamesRL In reply to And some states will make ...

In Ontario, you can't renew your license plate sticker if you have any unpaid tickets to the province(or any under reciprocity agreements), or tolls unpaid to the electronic tollway(which used to be government and is now private). We have to renew every two years.

I was stopped in North Carolina for speeding a decade a ago, and the officer indicated there was no reciprocity, therefore he was inclined to send me to jail. He was I think trying to intimidate me, cause in the end he let me go, and I had to hire a lawyer to appear on my behalf a few months later (no paralegals in NC at the time). I think I would have preferred reciprocity.

I could by the way get away with renewing when I had a Quebec ticket.....they didn't have reciprocity with Ontario, go figure.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Five years?

Every 5 years for class 5, Air Care with newer vehicles every two years (every year for older models). ICBC (Insurance)charges (for having an accident, getting certain motor vehicle violations) have to be paid before you can renew your insurance.

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51 states?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to And some states will make ...

Damn, my flag is missing a star.

And why didn't they tell me that Canada was admitted

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You actually count Hawaii?

by Oz_Media In reply to 51 states?

That's not a state its an overpriced, overpopulated resort for people who have never left the house before.

I my mind you actually have 50, Alaska is just a drilling outpost (sorry CuteElf).

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Unless I've been sleeping

by JamesRL In reply to You actually count Hawaii ...

Alaska was 49th, and Hawaii was 50th, and Peurto Rico sometimes wants to be 51st but sometimes wants to be independent


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