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I decided to try some Distros in MS VM 2007, the results are not impressive

By Slayer_ ·
Here is a flash video of me trying to Install Ubuntu and Mandriva onto a VM.
4mb Flash
----Edit, Looks like Instant Demo crapped out at the point where I try to turn off the distorted Ubuntu, so if you just hear a bunch of clicks and nothing is happening, u can just stop watching.

Please everyone note that I am not attempting to bash Nix. I am however trying to point out that this is a pretty big failure for anyone that wants to try out Nix systems and see if it is right for them. I tried two populour distros, both could not even install, and not for lack of trying. Most of the time, the progress was random. With Ubuntu I actually got all the way into the OS, only to be hurt by crazy resolution and distorted graphics.

I cut the video short as I was never actually able to reproduce the error I was getting in the Mandriva install because it only seems to get far enough to error out, very rarely. Most of the time it just hangs at a black screen.

I am also fully aware that these OS's work when used on a real system. However with virtualization becomming so populour, I consider this to be a big problem.

I choose MS VM 2007 because it's what I use for all my other virtualization needs and its free. It is also provided by MS and "usually" works very well. If the Nix distro came with a Virtualization app, as DSL did, I would have used that instead.

In the game of life, first impressions are everything, if a first time user wanted to test if Either of these Nix's was right for him, I doubt he would have left Windows.

Both installs were done using ISO files. I had a Ubuntu CD that I ISO'd for this. The mandriva was downloaded twice, both DVD versions from two different mirriors, then I checked file sizes and opened them in winrar to see if winrar reported unexpected end of archive.
The ubuntu CD in a Physical system works fine, I've even had it installed... Hated it... but it installed none the less.
I have never had Mandriva installed on a physical system.

Please ignore spelling mistakes

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by Jaqui In reply to no no I just mean the ISO ...

the KDE international version of the livecd Mandriva One for i586 [ their default ] is there.

The GNOME version is currently rarring up.
Though GNOME is the same gui as Ubuntu, so I doubt you will like it.

edit to add:

GNOME version now there also.

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lol 6kbps

by Slayer_ In reply to url

Slow internet speed

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yeah, I forgot

by Jaqui In reply to lol 6kbps

to turn off the torrents I'm seeding.. 12 seeds sucked bandwidth.

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by Jaqui In reply to Only thought is

just downloaded the trial version of rar for linux and read the docs included.
It will make volume archives and allow volume size to be set.
[ not something any other archiver I have available will support. ]

and I tested on a vmware virtual disk file [ empty of os ] a 2 gig file compressed to 237 KB using bz2 compression. but it was only a marker for content not in the virtual drive file, so not really a surprise. ]

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Update, Thanks to some of the people responding to help request

by Slayer_ In reply to I decided to try some Dis ...

On the Mandriva install, I suspect the ISO is downloaded bad.

The Ubuntu install, was completely successful when done from my laptop and using safe graphics mode. So thats a gold star for Ubuntu. The VM itself wasn't satisfactory however, it did not want to capture the mouse, and keyboarding in Ubuntu kind of had me stumped, I eventually mashed enough keys to get the menus to open up... But a successful test none the less. Also Ubuntu has a built in CD verification, considering that the primary distrobution network for Nix is on the internet, this is a really good thing to have.

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The easy way.

by seanferd In reply to Update, Thanks to some of ...

Download VMWare Player.

Download the generic live cd vm (this site has a lot of other interesting stuff as well).

Follow the simple instructions & go!

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Your problem is...

by t0ken In reply to I decided to try some Dis ...

You're using MS VM 2007

Go here, be happy:

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by Jon In reply to I decided to try some Dis ...

Personally, I have found that Virtual Box is a great free-ware product for virtualization. MS Virtual PC has limitations, and from experiences testing applications and different OS with in the environment the software does not meet the expectations set forth by VMware or Virtual Box. Agreeing with most of the other points discussed previous to mine, VMware would be an improvement to the existing configuration you are using. Also might I suggest creating a 20GB or so partition and allow grub to be the default boot loader so you can dual boot. Another choice would be to make multiple partitions on an external hard drive to boot from, as long as the system you are using has an USB boot enabled BIOS, I was not sure you were using an aged machine or not for this. I would take the external hard drive choice and just test everything within it, it allows you to take the system with you anywhere.

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