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I failed the Network Exam today!!!

By lashan2 ·
I took the Network + exam today, and failed!!! ?The teacher gave the class a Transcender test to study from (v. 2.0 from 2/28/02( ... I studied the transcender and PDF.file, with the 323 questions, and failed by 100 points.
But, the actual test was very diferent from the actual study guide!!! I'm so disappointed!!
Can anyone give me some advice, what should I do?!

Thank you!!

A desperate student!

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Network +

by nmorris In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

In order to pass the Network + go to You can find all the exam objectives, download them and use as a study guide. There are some excellent books such as Exam Cram which are pretty good. I have passed A+ and have just done a N+ week course looking forward to the exam soon! Good luck.

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Tests and study methods

by generalist In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

If the only study guide was the Transcender test, then the teacher isn't a very good one.

As mentioned in another post, checking the CompTIA site for the actual Network+ objectives is a good start.

At that point you need to check several Network+ books to get an idea of both theory and application. This can get expensive if you BUY the most current books. But if you pick up the prior generation books at remainder sales and yard sales, you can get eighty plus percent of what you need.

Many of those books have what they consider to be 'sample' tests in them. Study the tests AND learn why the answers provided are either correct or wrong.

As you go along, PRACTICE what you're learning if possible. You need to internalize things so that you don't have to refer to the book or your notes when asked how you do something or what happens when you do something.

Then find as many different Network+ 'sample' tests as you can and go through them multiple times. That will familiarize you with what might be on the real test and tell you where your weaknesses might be.

When I took the Network+ test, I decided that I was ready when I could get 100% on all the test questions MeasureUp had available on the subject. While the CompTIA test had about seventy questions, MeaureUp had about two hundred. I got to the point that I could do all the questions in forty five minutes.

I also passed the test the first time around.

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Study and practice!

by gralfus In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

Your teacher sounds incompetent. If you study the networking principles outlined by CompTIA until you know them very well, and can subnet in your sleep, then you will be ready for the test. And more importantly, you will be ready for a job doing basic networking. Please don't try to just scrape by. Understand the material and the test will be easy. There are a lot of websites that offer help with subnetting, which is probably the hardest information on the test. Just memorizing the answers from Transcender is the pathway to failure both on the test and on any job you might get in networking.

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Network + study tips

by maprime12 In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

If your teacher/instructor is just giving you this one study guide to work off of, then you need a new teacher. For the network + exam, I recommend The HTML study guide maps directly to the objectives that are on comptia's website. They give multi paragraph, layman's term explanations of everything. You can purchase the pdf version of these study guides for about $10. They also have links to relevant web sites related to the material that you're reading also. Another free site to check out is The free test that they have is somewhat similiar to the actual exam. As a rule of thumb, practice taking exams until you're scoring about 90%, then you're ready for the real thing. Since you've already taken the exam once, you have a very good idea of what to expect. Also, take your time in the exam. When I took the exam, I methodically went through each question if my answer to that question was 'c', then I justified it by asking myself why is 'c' correct. I then went and justified why 'a', 'b', and/or 'd' are incorrect. Doing it this way is a good way to make sure that you're reading the questions properly. Good luck

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Free Network+ Test site

by EMJ In reply to Network + study tips

I am using the Cram Exam book, along with the website (, which has 200 free test questions. I used this site (and the A+ Cram Exam book) for my A+ Exams, both of which I passed the first time around.

I am preparing for the Network+ exam by studying 2 chapters a night, doing the test exams at the end of each chapter, and will eventually do the longer test exams at the back of the Cram Exam book. I am also using the Cram Exam CD which has a test exam and the option of purchasing additional test questions. I find the Cram Exam books easy to read, and they cover the material very well. You can generally purchase these books on, either new or used. They are a good investment because you can refer back to them when you actually get a job and are using the skills you read and tested about. Good luck!

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it's very difficult without practice....

by Andre_Nick In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

if you never work in network environment, or if you even have no network in you own house,
and you didn't build any network anywhere...
that's really, really difficult to pass an exam.

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Revamped exams

by skooboy In reply to I failed the Network Exam ...

Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent frustrations facing IT exam candidates these days is the timing discrepancy between the production of exam software and vendors' revamping of exams. Typically, test-taking software purchased today, could become worthlest tomorrow, as vendors revamp their exams. The answer is to purchase the exam software meeting your immediate needs only, because a whole package/suite of software will be obsolete tomorrow.

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by flyingknees In reply to Revamped exams

Grab one of the TestKing exams for Network+ and study off that. Or better yet, memorize since many of the questions from Testking were taken from the exam.

But once again, you'll just be a paper CompTIA person - passing your exams but not knowing a bloody thing in the real world. Make sure you get tons of hands-on and know the subject inside and out lest you'll get embarassed at an interview.

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