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I found things on my bosses

By zlitocook ·
Laptop that turned my stomach. He had pictures, movies and other things that a company President should not even let others know he looks at. The way I found out about them was because he bought a new laptop and I had to migrate the data to it. It is a boring process, you just watch the files go by. That was when I saw alot of jpg, pic, mpg and other things going by.
A question to all if you see things you should not know about should you tell your boss?
I ask because there was things that were Illegal
to have like pictures of people and mpgs from actors. I did not dig into the files because I do like to bother other peoples info.
This could really hurt this guy and his company. I do not want that but if he steals others things and pictures what do I do?

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It's a matter of value

by Oz_Media In reply to me too

An exec is alowed such leaniency becaus eof his VALUE to the company, his ability to drive revenue or manage teams.

Team members are lining up at the door, and pretty much anyone is immedatly disposable.

When a 80K a year IT employee makes waves, th eboss sees him as an 80K annual expense. Not a person who brings revenue in, even on an ecommerce site.

When a 200K employee is surfing porn, the value of their revenue stream usually supersedes their value by far, so the boss says keep him and ditch the idiot who's costing me 80K a year instead.

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I agree - dont go near it

by derek In reply to It's a matter of value

Unless it's child prn or something you are certain is absolutely illegal then leave it alone. You arent the HR police, you're a techie. You'll make no friends and it will cost you . . people look on techs as snoops already who brag about being able to access email and files, this would jst prove the point. It's like someone going thru your bedroom and reading all your jazz mags

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by Oz_Media In reply to I agree - dont go near it

And there I was thinking you were gonna say **** mags.

Oh well, you have a solid point.

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by jck In reply to It's a matter of value

even tho executives really generate no revenue stream. They are figureheads that make lots of money off of others' ideas and hard work.'re alone

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to It's a matter of value

Assuming any job involving routine file transfers is a level 1 support position, where do I sign up for an front-line support job that pays $80K?

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by Oz_Media In reply to 80K???

YOu took 'IT staff member' and replied:

" Assuming any job involving routine file transfers is a level 1 support position, where do I sign up for an front-line support job that pays $80K?" I made no mention of position, skill, or experience.

BUT, the AVERAGE IT guy in Vancouver can easily make 65-80K year with or without experience if they know how to find work.

You cannot put a price on a JOB, you put a price on the person. If you are one fo those people who feels (or is told), job 'A' pays $X, and job 'B' pays $Y every year, then you are simply not looking for the right employer or feel that certs or degrees disctate your income.

Sell yourself, be offered a job and THEN start talking about salary, you always get paid more this way because they want YOU not your paperwork.

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Reply to Oz

by macghee In reply to Firstly

That's an excellent piece of advice.

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I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Firstly

I should have hung a 'smiley' on the end of that post. The comment was intended as light-hearted, not serious. I violated the prime rule of communications, that the sender is responsible for clarity of the message.

I agree with most of your points, especially regarding certs, degrees, and other paper.

Vancouver? Sorry, too cold for this southern boy. Also a serious lack of NASCAR tracks.

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Even our Indy track was doomed from day one.

by Oz_Media In reply to Firstly

As for cold, warmest climate in Canada (ona year round basis). VERY little snow, in fact I watched it snow all over the states when we had sunshine here.

Canada's a BIG place, there's some horribly cold provinces, cities etc., but Vancouver isn't one of them.

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I'm moving to Canada !!

by avid In reply to Firstly

must be nice to be able to earn so much for that position. here that position pays very little.

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