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I found things on my bosses

By zlitocook ·
Laptop that turned my stomach. He had pictures, movies and other things that a company President should not even let others know he looks at. The way I found out about them was because he bought a new laptop and I had to migrate the data to it. It is a boring process, you just watch the files go by. That was when I saw alot of jpg, pic, mpg and other things going by.
A question to all if you see things you should not know about should you tell your boss?
I ask because there was things that were Illegal
to have like pictures of people and mpgs from actors. I did not dig into the files because I do like to bother other peoples info.
This could really hurt this guy and his company. I do not want that but if he steals others things and pictures what do I do?

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Wrong- You betcha!

by MR 'T' In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

As a 38 year IT veteran, I can state that State law as well as company policy cover me if I convert the pc, and don't look at the contents of files.
If I get caught looking at them, I would be fired and possibly prosecuted regardless of contents.
If I look at the files, and discover a felony, or evidence of child/spouse/parent abuse, or evidence that suicide is contemplated, and dont report it, I can be put in jail. Before I am fired.

Bottom line: I move stuff from a to b. the contents, filenames, etc are S.E.P. (Someone Elses Problem).

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Not sure I agree

by e_quintieri In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

I was a contract manager for other contractors for a client. One of my techs was in a middle of a migration for an employee when they discover illicit files transferring files.

I immediately went to the client contact and informed him of what was found. He agreed to speak to the employee about the content on his laptop and to review the company policy with them. There were no ramifications to me or the tech. In fact, he informed the tech that he should be notified any time this occurs.

I will admit I was nervous about going to the client, but do you what convinced me I needed to escalate to the client? I re-read the company's policy over and over. It clearly stated that non-standard, explicit material is not permitted on the company?s system... AND discipline can be up to and including termination.

In this instance we were asked to report this type of behavior. As contractor we had no choice to obey by the client?s wishes. Of course I drafted and email and had them reply has a acceptance of this practice.

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Remember! It's not a company machine

by Hermit47 In reply to Not sure I agree

If the machine was purchased and assigned by the company, you bet they have the right and responsibily to keep the system strictly under their control. Up to and including policies that hold the IT personnel liable for not reporting. But they also have to look at the issue differently when the system is owned privately. It becomes the responsibility of the owner to keep it clean and secure, not the company. So the company employee was in effect transferring personal data as a favor. The question then becomes; Should I report a friends behaviour in a trust situation? For the company; Should I allow company data on personal systems? It seems to me the company should consider allowing company info only on company owned systems. Then they can determine how the systems will be used without legal questions. The IT employee should consider the trust and privacy issues. Lets face it when you stick your neck out, you run the risk of it getting severed.

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Actually you did agree

by gordon.rudd In reply to Not sure I agree

You agreed with my position. Thanks.

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You followed P&P...well done!

by gordon.rudd In reply to Not sure I agree

Following the company's P&P is the "right" way to go.

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Yea sure...... In which universe do you reside?

by j_khoury In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

I have been in charge of IT departments for well over 10 years in 2 major bucks companies. If I see contraband, and it may be a violation of law and/or company policy, the HR department would be seriously remiss in duty to frown upon my IT staff or myself from confronting any violating individual. I do scans of our major servers in search of illegal files (MP3, Video, etc.) The resources are the property of the company and I'll be damned if I am going to let this kind of abuse go on.
- Jim

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Here's how it goes...

by Raidon In reply to Yea sure...... In which u ...

Lawyer ? Did you view the offensive material?
Me ? No! ( Thinking of being fired for testifying to viewing illegal material during company time)
Lawyer ? Did you see Mr. ??????? put the material on his system.
Me ? No.

Long story short. I had made a backup of the material for my protection. My boss was suspended without pay for 2 weeks. I was fired.
I found out in my lawsuit that you can be let go without cause as long as the company pays you a proper settlement. In Canada it is 1 week per year of service. I found out that the powers that be did not want me looking at corporate documents. They drafted a new company policy that the it department was not allowed to view ?.. unless written authorization was obtained yada, yada, yada.

Have fun with this one as you may be left with the knowledge of doing the right thing as you look for a new JOB.

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Sounds like P&P compliance to me

by gordon.rudd In reply to Yea sure...... In which u ...

Jim - sounds to me like you are following your organizations P&P. What is wrong with that? Making sure your universe is safe from hostile aliens is always going to be OK...if P&P back you. If not, nice working with you.

You are NOT a cop.


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Absolutly right and more succint than me!!

by Amused... In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

What I really love are these other posters suggesting "blackmail" as an alternative while discussing legal options.

Seriously, file transfer is just that.

President of the company is also just that.

Want to practice your own morals at the job, become a 'person of the cloth', but if you have no ethics then you have no morals either.

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Hear Hear!

by Southpaw In reply to Absolutly right and more ...

Good Job Kevin620
Simple and to the point.

Unless you know the Boss well enough to ask him in a descreet manner about the unusual content. Maybe suggest he allow you to search the disk for spyware and files that could have been downloaded without his knowledge. If he says no thanks, drop it. If he says yes, treat it as a private matter to preserve his dignity and your job.

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