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I found things on my bosses

By zlitocook ·
Laptop that turned my stomach. He had pictures, movies and other things that a company President should not even let others know he looks at. The way I found out about them was because he bought a new laptop and I had to migrate the data to it. It is a boring process, you just watch the files go by. That was when I saw alot of jpg, pic, mpg and other things going by.
A question to all if you see things you should not know about should you tell your boss?
I ask because there was things that were Illegal
to have like pictures of people and mpgs from actors. I did not dig into the files because I do like to bother other peoples info.
This could really hurt this guy and his company. I do not want that but if he steals others things and pictures what do I do?

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Wrong!.. is Correct!

by AuroraIL In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

Watching file transfer may be boring, but noticing files to be pictures and then examining content without authorization to do so is a breach of confidentiality and a failure to exercise restraint that all administrators with previleged access must at all times. You should be fired for cause. In most public orgabizations you would be prosecuted too!

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this is correct

by lvaquerano In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

absolutly, IT personnel is in no way,shape or form
Police or authority figure. you are assigned to an specific job/duty and have no right to open or browse around someone else's personal equipment.
Unless you are given instruction "specific instruction" by like glrudd says in his reply HR or Legal department or any other law enforcemtn agency or instructed by your local police department. YOU have no right to open files. no matter what they are. I totally agree with GLRUDD on this

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Re: Wrong!

by TimMitchell In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

If it is not the job of the IT department to police the proper use of computers and other systems on the network, then whose job is it? Shall the lawyers browse the network for unauthorized files? Do we give the HR folks admin access so they can look for illegal software?

Anyone who has worked in this business for more than two days knows that we in IT, regardless of our specific role, must serve as the front line to defend our corporate infrastructure from threats such as viruses, hackers, and other illegal activity. Granted, the situation must be handled delicately, particularly when the suspected offender is a superior. Ultimately, we are responsible for what happens on our systems.

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Roles & Responsibilities

by gordon.rudd In reply to Re: Wrong!

Tim - You are correct when you say that it IT that is on the front line when it comes to protecting the corporate "infrastructure from threats such as viruses, hackers, and other illegal activity". I believe you stray when you confuse the IT role of protecting the infrastrucure with protecting the moral fiber of the community in which the comapny exists.

To answer your question:it is the responsibility of the legal and HR departments to create and maintain a safe working environement for all company employees. IF...P&P as well as your job description states it is part of our duties to police content, then yes it is. If not, then no.

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In addition to WRONG, etc.....

by robin.hunt In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

While it is not the job duty of IT to police users, invariably it is an IT person who accidentally "stumbles" into inappropriate and/or unlaw material on users machines. Anytime my techs stumble into something of that nature, we immediately report what we found to HR. It is then HR's responsibility to deal with the user and the company infractions.

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If it's CP screw policy and turn him in...

by Willy MacWindows In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

...otherwise you're just looking for trouble.

That's it.

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CP is covered by Federal law & some state law

by gordon.rudd In reply to If it's CP screw policy a ...

I believe it is a $500.00 fine not to report CP if you are an IT pro...

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depends depends depends...

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

on what company policy states. In most corporations. Company data belongs to the company, it is therefore subject to random searches, which certain network personnel are required by policy to make, as part of security validation.

The important thing is to keep personal moral judgement out of it, and apply the policy.

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Disagree totally

by cyber_daddy In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

I must say that i disagree with your sentiments that the admin in question is wrong.... at least to the extent that he should question the entry point of this information to his environmkent because part of the admin's role it to ensure data and information entering and exiting the company conforms to corporate policy. The reason that organization's invest in sophisticated filtering and content inspection suites is to preserve the integrity of the company's data and information and any breach of this is within his jurisdiction to account. I say run a scan on all users desktops for mpgs and jpegs anf forward to head of operations and let him and the compnay lawyers deal with it... will look worse when the auditors run into it and question your control systems..

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No Idea Why You Would Say That

by SendBux In reply to WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!... ...

This is a legal question, and one of private property: the company has the right to decide what resides on its property. The issue regarding policies can easily be handled with a simple amendment to the employee handbook.

Additionally, if the company owns computers and there is illegal matter found on their computers, there is a very great danger that the company could be liable for its presence, if it doesn't take steps to prevent it.

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