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I Gave my Two Weeks Notice Today

By KSoniat ·
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I've found another, better job opportunity and I've grabbed it. Because some folks know where I work I didn't say anything till now, but I definitely scanned older posts about interviews and career decisions (even down to what to wear).

So even though I couldn't talk to anyone - y'all helped!!

The folks where I currently work have been gracious. In fact I've heard more about my ability to pick thing up quickly and work with little supervision today than I've heard in the past year.

I'm working a two week notice - which I'm told is unusual for here too. I'm working on getting all my email subscriptions moved over. So if you've peer mailed me in the past don't use the old email - restart from TechRepublic.

Anyway, thanks for all the help even though you didn't know you were!!!! :)

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by jck In reply to Thanks and Good Luck

Yeah, it could be a good place. The guy that is head of IT there I know. I used to work at the same place, but a different organization within the whole government setup.

Of course, I've seen that job advertised 3 or 4 times in 5 years. I wonder if it's that they can't get anyone qualified, or if the guy I know is a tyrant and I just don't know it.

I am gonna try to talk to him off the record first, get his take on things, and see what he thinks. If all works well, I'll be a little over half the distance to work that I am now, and make far more.

If not, I'll just stay at this job til I leave the state of Florida.

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This was my third time

by KSoniat In reply to Gracias

talking to this company. It never quite worked out before, but left both of us wishing it would.

Wonder if you can talk to any of the previous people where you are looking.....?

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I'm not sure

by jck In reply to This was my third time

I talked to the guy that is the supervisor once about the position when it was open before. I had been in my job in the other arm of the organization for about a year, and I would have had to do a transfer. Rather than do that, I just decided to withdraw for applying. All that paper work to just go sit in a different building wasn't worth it.

I don't think I know anyone that worked in that job I am looking at. I just know the IT supervisor/manager.

I know a former co-worker's wife works/worked there. I might be able to call him up and find out through him what the guy is like.

The only thing that scares me about that job (besides the possibility of the possible boss being a harda$$ in disguise) is that it is under an elected official. I am afraid that if the current guy retires and a new one comes in that they won't try to outsource or replace me, and leave me high and dry.

If that happened, I'd just turn the keys over to my house to the bank, load my stuff in a U-Haul, and go somewhere else.

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You Escaped the ObamaConomy!

by msspurlock2 In reply to I Gave my Two Weeks Notic ...

You're one of the lucky ones.

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I do consider myself

by KSoniat In reply to You Escaped the ObamaCono ...

extremely fortunate.

My hubby has been laid off - and he ponders that I currently have two jobs while he has none. :)

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