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I Hate Democrats

By maxwell edison ·
Okay, I got your attention.

And to all Democrats:

Get out of my life.

Stop trying to take my personal property.

Stop trying to infringe on my RIGHT to take personal responsibility.

Stop presuming that you know what's better for me than me.

Stop telling me how to live.

Stop telling me how to define my moral values.

Stop telling me how to plan for my own future.

Stop telling me how to raise my kids.

Stop telling me how to educate my kids.

Stop taking my hard-earned income.

Stop trying to take care of my own health.

Stop telling me how to run my own business.

Stop telling me how to live.


I'll make a deal with you. You leave me the **** alone, and I'll leave you the **** alone.

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Those are good points

by AV . In reply to My one concern with Perot

Perot is still a businessman, but his ideas were honest and fair, unlike today's businessman. He was a businessman with values from a different era. He had his own ideas and no one could ever buy him. Thats my remembrance of him.

I can still hear his famous quote in my head about NAFTA, the "giant sucking sound of American jobs heading south to Mexico." He was right, and that was in the early 90's before all the major offshore outsourcing took place.

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Those are TERRIBLE points

by maxwell edison In reply to My one concern with Perot

You said, "(Perot) wasn't truly that independent. He has a LOT of business ties especially in the defense and research sectors."

So friggin' what? Therefore what? Perot absolutely hates the Bush family. And he absolutely hated Jimmy Carter for his debacle in the desert in 1980.

Therefore what? State your conclusion.

You said, "Buffett is one who has had to maintain the independence from having close ties with business to keep his highly rated investments that way."

Are you serious? He literally took over businesses, GEICO, for example, and I could name many others. "Business" is presumably the property of Republicans, but Buffet is definately a Democrat. Your premise and your conclusion don't match.

What a fool you are. Platitudes and "feel good" nonsense. That's all you spew.

You make up some stupid premise, and draw a stupid conclusion, sSo it's no surprise that stupid comes to mind when I read your messages.

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The way some people draw their conclusions. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to My one concern with Perot

. absolutely amazing.

A$$ - hole in the ground - doesn't know the difference - describes you and many others.

Ignorance run amok.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. It's no wonder why I wonder where we're going and why we're in this handbasket.

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The reality of NAFTA - 10 years later

by maxwell edison In reply to My one concern with Perot

Neither one of you guys, jck or AmericanVoter, know what you're talking about.

From a variety of sources:'nafta%20success%20clinton'

Okay, guys. Why has NAFTA failed? And be specific. No silly and unfounded platitudes.

Geesh, why do you people just spew such nonsense without even attempting to verify what you claim. You say what might sound good to justify your desired conclusion.

Get a clue, why don't you? Ignorance run amok indeed!

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whatever you say Max

by jck In reply to My one concern with Perot

Keep along in your pecuniarily-driven dreamworld. still using that Conservative think-tank CATO for your references, I see.

Enjoy your one-man utopia, hok si.

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You had only ONE concern with Perot?

by M_a_r_k In reply to My one concern with Perot
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by Surflover In reply to My one concern with Perot

Tell us what you REALLY think :^O

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I will reiterate - Whats wrong with NAFTA?

by JamesRL In reply to My one concern with Perot

The giant sucking sound hasn't come from Mexico. True some jobs have gone there. But the agreement has also meant that US companies can more freely sell into Mexico.

The outsourcing of hi tech jobs did not go to Mexico - nothing to do with NAFTA. Some hi tech jobs went to Canada, and some Canadians lost their jobs working for companies with US parents when consolidations happened and they chose to consolidate in US locations, closing down Canadian ones. But most IT offshoring went to a non NAFTA signatory - India.

From a Canadian perspective, I can tell you the dispute mechanism sucks. Five times, the US has lost the ruling on softwood lumber, and 5 times the US has been able to stall, and demand another ruling. In the interim they have charged 3.5 billion in unfair duties.

Overall, despite some reservations, Canada has done ok. NAFTA spelled the end of the auto pact - the rule that said that US car companies had to export as many Canadian cars to the US as US cars imported into Canada. Many thought that would kill the Canadian auto industry, but it is thriving, at least in comparison with US plants.

jck - what do you blame on NAFTA?


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What I blame on NAFTA

by jdclyde In reply to My one concern with Perot

The small shops were workers used to make between 10 and 15 dollars per hour moved to Mexico. There are several in Mid-Michigan that just picked up and went down there. It got rid of the union AND allowed them to cut the wages down to $5 per hour in many cases.

Another benifit companies had in Mexico is the non-existant environmental regulations, so the cost of business went down.

Maytag also just recently picked up and moved to Mexico. This has hurt the middle class that has little to no education and only have hard work to offer. We now have the highest unemployment in the country and out Democratic governor is doing nothing to help this.

CAFTA will proceed to kill the local sugar beet industry which is big in Michigan.

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Its all about the giant sucking sound Max

by AV . In reply to My one concern with Perot

Perot was right that NAFTA was the beginning of jobs disappearing in this country. He was honest about it. I like that.

Its all about big companies using cheap foreign labor and making lots of money. The middle class is not benefiting because of free trade agreements. Where are the jobs? They're in India, China, Singapore. Not Mexico though because all of the workers are already working illegally in this country. Basically, the jobs are everywhere but here. The only people that truly benefit from free trade agreements are the rich and big business.

Oh sure, the rest of us can buy lots of cheap China goods now. Big whoop. Let them eat cake.

Seriously Max, look at the state of our country. Our government is a bad joke. Lately its been better than watching the movies I rent because of Plamegate.

We need real, honest and competent leadership that can represent someone other than the rich, whomever that might be.

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