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I have 2 servers

By XnavyDK ·
I have 2 servers one is a the primary domain server (I should not really call it a primary since its the only one) it is a dell poweredge 2900, and I have another server this is a dell PE T300 we plan to use to run as our web server (the web page will be sql driven). I would like to think this server will not be utilized to its fullest with the website alone so I was wondering if using it to supplement the domain server as maybe a backup DNS. or even a mirror/clustered server to take off some of the load on the primary? suggestions?

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Im going to just stop the IAS..

by XnavyDK In reply to I would look into moving ...

were not even using vpn/dialup at the moment. that's initially why I started the service in the first place. I'm going to momentarily stop it just to see what happens. if i get a bunch of calles asking why the server is down, well know why!

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You mentioned Symantec endpoint security

by Dumphrey In reply to Im going to just stop the ...

is this server the management server for that? Or does it have the client installed? If the client is installed you may want to go in and set your databases as not scanned. You have to do this with Exchange to prevent all sorts of issues, no reason any other database should be all that different.

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ep and client

by XnavyDK In reply to You mentioned Symantec en ...

yes it is the management server , and it has a client. I will take your advice, I did disable scan of peachtree sw and server db, as the manufacturer suggested. I also need to exclude any other sql type db? i have 2 others running. I have yet to move them out of the C drive

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As far as I know MS has no recommendations

by Dumphrey In reply to ep and client

about SQL server DB's and AV. I just did some digging and found no reason not to scan them, and several reasons to scan them. Scanning a db shpuld be slower then normal files. If you notice no difference in the speed of the machine after disabling on-access scans for the db's, then I would re-enable it to be safe.

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by XnavyDK In reply to I would look into moving ...

I disabled IAS and internet performance has increased. during the slowdown period I also installed the peachtree db and was messing around with some other stuff in my quest to learn all this, i am retracing my steps to see if i adjusted any other setting. I know the endpoint manager/clients are sucking up some bandwidth/resources based on the perfmon, but history doesnt show it changed any fromthe last 4 weeks. I know peachtree is notorious for slowing down systems according to thier forums. I cant avoid it, i can only work around it.

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Glad to hear the IAS removal helped.

by Dumphrey In reply to IAS

And keep and eye on endpoint, I have seen it bug out and eat resources until removed, cleaned out, and reinstalled.
Did you enable the windows server firewall at any point? That could cause some slow down.
Also, whe was the last defrag on that server performed?

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both of them

by XnavyDK In reply to Glad to hear the IAS remo ...

I defragged both c and f drives both were more than 30%, both contain sql dp's. Im going to move the one off of C next week. I will keep an eye in endpoint. thanks.

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by XnavyDK In reply to Glad to hear the IAS remo ...
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NP Glad to help.

by Dumphrey In reply to btw

I happy it all seems to be moving in the right direction for you.

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Okay, I got another one

by XnavyDK In reply to I have 2 servers

I have obtained a new server, nicer than the old DC. I have also purchase double take to provide fail over. we had a slight hardware failure on the dc which caused a knee jerk reaction to get some backup on line. Which I mentioned when I first started. Now I want to force a fail over to the new server and get some more of my eggs out of the one basket. So, I need a backup to my DNS/AD and I want to make the old server maybe a virtual server in the old server after I failover to be a AD/DNS backup and maybe some other services I need to get off my DC. I now have 3 servers 1 virtual for a total of 4, 3 are connected to my domain and I want to isolate services. Which services should I group together? I have SQL server isolated on one virtual server.

Another problem I have been unable to solve is I cannot access any folder in the network drives from either of the servers I have joined to my domain. I can see them, I just can execute them, move them.

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