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I have 2 servers

By XnavyDK ·
I have 2 servers one is a the primary domain server (I should not really call it a primary since its the only one) it is a dell poweredge 2900, and I have another server this is a dell PE T300 we plan to use to run as our web server (the web page will be sql driven). I would like to think this server will not be utilized to its fullest with the website alone so I was wondering if using it to supplement the domain server as maybe a backup DNS. or even a mirror/clustered server to take off some of the load on the primary? suggestions?

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In terms of virtualization

by Dumphrey In reply to Okay, I got another one

strategies, you do not want to host your virtual DC on the new, physical DC (well,Duh). As for a back up of AD etc, it would be simpler to promot the new server to a DC, let Ad replicate, seize the FSMO roles to the new server, and then virtualize the old server. You can modify which DC uses access by changing its "weight" in DNS _ladp srv records.

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Ill explain my plan better this time.

by XnavyDK In reply to In terms of virtualizatio ...

I was planning on running backup exec and my endpoint on the virtual to get it off my primary dc as well as our accounting software server. Was thinking to run the ad/dns backup on the host after I failover. I don't have to promote the new server, when I hit the failover button, it will just take over all services (assuming I did everything right). Its a complete image of the old server software wise. Im going to test it this weekend. I think after that, I will promote the old server to a dc and as you mentioned let AD replicate on the host.


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I would keep the accounting software

by Dumphrey In reply to Ill explain my plan bette ...

on its own dedicated server if you can, even if it means using a lower end machine. It simplifies backup and permissions. Also, I would run some tests of the virtual images to verify reliability. but overall your plan sounds solid to me. The Endpoint server and Veritas server neither uses tons of physical disk time or space, and really not that much cpu time either, so they make perfect candidates for virtualization. You can even create a Virtual DC with DNS and DHCP, I have made one work for ~ 30 people on a laptop in VMware.

All in all, sounds good :) Let me know how the testing goes.

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will do

by XnavyDK In reply to I would keep the accounti ...

Appreciate the assist and recommendations.

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I should add

by Dumphrey In reply to will do

that the accouting software may be able to be installed on an XP machine (or Vista) as its "server". If you only have a few people connecting to it at a time. Check the software specifics and see.

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lifes a peach

by XnavyDK In reply to I should add

its peachtree, pervasive db. lots of issues with it from what I hear on their website. So far Ive had no problems out of it other than is frags the drive its on. Suggestion appreciated.

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defragging databases drives can [EDIT]

by Dumphrey In reply to I should add

be tough since the database is "active" in many cases. If possible, give the DB its own disk or raid array, and make sure its internal DB maintenance is scheduled. I just use the built in defrag utility to manage drives, its slow, but reliable. I have a scheduled task set to run 2 batch files (well, one file 2 conditions) every other week.

[EDIT -- working batch file, I forgot to add the match literal string to findstr and that you need a the defrag statement separate from the "if errorlevel". The one in production adds a check-day-of-week condition which I will add if interested]

@ECHO off

defrag C: -a | findstr /C:"You do not need"
if "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO EDRIVE
if not "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO DEFC

Defrag c

defrag E: -a | findstr /C:"You do not need"
if "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO END
if not "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO DEFE

defrag E


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testing didnt go well

by XnavyDK In reply to I would keep the accounti ...

we are using Doubletake software for the failover and was told (by dell) it was a fullproof one button push solution. Well, you know I'm a rookie and that's why we bought it. The stuff works to a point but fails on the user friendly one button push for domain controllers. It does not copy FSMO roles, or any service (critical) that is running. Global Catalog or DNS without jumping through serious High end IT stuff (meaning out of my knowledge.)

so. I am just going to swap the harddrives to the new machine and cross my fingers...

then try to learn scripting required to do a full failover.

I also have to use my VM as my backup DC, even though I dont want to. I still have no backup for my DC.

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A VM is just fine for a fail over

by Dumphrey In reply to testing didnt go well

DC. Some organizations run all server in VM's. Its better to have a plan in place, and an existing VM to be used, even if temporary, while the real DC is repaired/replaced.

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wow triple post!

by XnavyDK In reply to A VM is just fine for a f ...

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