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I have a user (XP pro) who gets locked out of her account every day.

By btoohey ·
Every evening after the user leaves I go into AD and unlock her account the next morning she is locked again. I've made a completely new profile on the pc and in AD and she is still getting locked out. I've unplugged the pc's power to rule out the Auto startup we have running and had no luck.
Any ideas are MUCH appreciated

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This worked for me...

by jscogin In reply to Multiple log ons?

Make sure there is noone on the network with teh same Computer name.

Lete me know if you find a solution to your problem.


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by hpesulima In reply to The user started with the ...

Please check your License, check or you have enough.

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AD is your problem

by caricc135 In reply to The user started with the ...

Try making sure your Active directory has the correct info then for an update across your servers. This new replication should fix the error.

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try this

by rippleintheforce In reply to Has this always happened?

This can happen when the user is logged into two different machines and changes the password on one but does not log out of the other. Make sure the user is not logged in to two different machines. Hope this helps.

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Account Expiration

by Will.Conner In reply to try this

Another thing to look at is make sure that the account is not set to expire after one day on the AD setup. Just a thought.

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Service associated with the account

by keq In reply to Account Expiration

Is there a service associated with the account. If so, and the user has changed her password since the service was setup you'll have to either change the password for the service to match the current password or associate the service with another account.

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by a.southern In reply to I have a user (XP pro) wh ...

Has she been annoying any of her collegues lately?

One brilliant practical joke is to go to a non-descript terminal and put her logon name in and "alsdfhas" "asldfhafd" and "qlretjh" as her password three consecutive times.

Most systems will then lock the account.

Brilliant "joke" to play on your collegues, especially if the first time you do it, wait behind their desk and after it says "Account locked out" go up to them and tell them Bill Jones from Personnel/HR was here asking about them..........


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Office Prank 2

by jeff In reply to OFFICE PRANK

A much funnier and less destructive prank is to use the Win XP screen rotation feature on a user's PC when their back is turned. This is achieved using 'CTRL + ALT + (arrow key)', the arrow key you use (up, down, left, right) is the edge of the screen where the top edge of the image will be. Very perplexing if you don't know about this feature.

You wouldn't believe the number of people who do this accidentally when trying to press 'CTRL + ALT + DEL' and then phone the helpdesk in a panic because their screen has turned upside down!!!

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by a.southern In reply to Office Prank 2

I can't get this to work!

Is this on XP pro still?


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Account Lockout

by rcassel In reply to I have a user (XP pro) wh ...

If the user has manually mounted a drive on another PC with his or her User ID and an old password the account will be locked out after a few hours.

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