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I have an idea...let's talk about beer

By jck ·
Forget politics, weapons of mass destruction, religion, and sex...well...ok...not sex.

What beer do you like best?

Why do you like it?

How did you come about discovering it?

Did you find out it was/wasn't what you thought it would be if you knew about it previous to your first experience?

I'm tired of serious topics, dammit. Let's all talk about something good and fun.

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There are better stouts than Guinness

by Absolutely In reply to damn you to hell, NeilB!! ...

Mind you, I've never been to Ireland, so I don't mean the good stuff they keep for themselves. But I've tasted micro brews and home brews that are far more subtle and delicious than the Guinness that's sold in US grocery stores. And it's not that hard, jck. After the research, which Neil and others seem eager to do for you, it's just half an afternoon on a couple of weekends for the various stages of fermentation and bottling.

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by mcdonjer In reply to I've pondered making my o ...

They have one! I am thinking it will be a nice Fall brew.

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I can feel the Visa card coming out...

by jck In reply to Stout

Oh man...brew my own beer...hehehe...alcoholism...HERE I COME!!!

St. Patricks Irish Stout...mmmm

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Full Report Expected

by DMambo In reply to I can feel the Visa card ...

I want a full report of how this turns out.

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by neilb@uk In reply to I can feel the Visa card ...
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I'm not one to rush

by jck In reply to I can feel the Visa card ...

I'm going home tonite to read about beer kits, home brewing, etc. I'll make sure I understand the process and how to do it.

But, that Premium Homebrew Kit looks enticing for $39.99.

Man...I remember when the last homebrew kit I looked at 8 years ago was about $80 or something...prices have come down :)

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places to drink

by jck In reply to Changes... like JD

there's a place in Palm Bay, FL called "Tapps".

They had over 40 beers on tap last I was there, and over 300 in the can or bottle.

you can get Coors or Bud there, but people look at you funny if you do.

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I don't like beer

by john.a.wills In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

I did enjoy sips from my father's mug when I was small, but I seem to have grown up, or something. I have tried many varieties of beer, and no longer bother trying new ones. The nearest to palatable was a Belgian beer, Grolsch.

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Busch Gardens about ten years ago.

by neilb@uk In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

Free Budweiser fountain! Wow!

No. Not really. Bit of fun, though.

Quite a few years ago, now - 12? Our Dad, me, my big brother, his son and son-in-law tried to drink the bloody thing dry. Would have done it, too if the women hadn't complained. I think my Dad got through about fifteen (UK) pints and the rest of us a bit less and we were all still sober!

Bloody ****, my stomach was cold by the time we gave up.

American beer is like making love in a canoe - f*cking close to water.

Belgians make pretty good beer and San Miguel says sun and Spain, Italian beer with pasta is just so good.

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wonderful topic, jck!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

- considering you know where I'm from! I'm lucky enough to live in an area that has lots of micro breweries, the most well known being the Mordue. Their ale of note is called "Sheep Dip" (tastes nothing like it, it's very refreshing actually!) Staunch Real Ale Supporter, which is good cos the main city nearest me has a Real Ale festival (due in about 11 weeks...and counting!)

But, obviously, I have to say something about NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE seeing as how that's where I live. Newcy Brown is mothers milk to most Geordies. Well known for leaving the most horrendous of hangovers - only cured by having a hair of the dog (hence the request at the bar for a Bottle of Dog, not Newcastle Brown Ale)

Production has just transferred to the other side of the river, and it's now produced at Gateshead. So now we have to go through all the EU rigmarole to prevent it being called Gateshead Brown Ale. . . . just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Trivia: this was the first ale where the British Police force actually requested a brewery to reduce the alcohol content. On the first week of introduction, the jail cells of the whole of Newcastle were full of drunk and disorderly men, and caused the first actual overcrowding in jails in the north east of England!

I know it's available all over the world, but it's definitely a different recipe in the US - no where near as strong as the real version - tried one in Las Vegas, purely in the interests of science, you understand?!

Now, if I only had one of those telepathic transporter devices from the Planet Zaarg, I could instantly send all the TR peeps a complimentary bottla Dog....

Ho hum. Well, I tried!

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