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I have an idea...let's talk about beer

By jck ·
Forget politics, weapons of mass destruction, religion, and sex...well...ok...not sex.

What beer do you like best?

Why do you like it?

How did you come about discovering it?

Did you find out it was/wasn't what you thought it would be if you knew about it previous to your first experience?

I'm tired of serious topics, dammit. Let's all talk about something good and fun.

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What's the correct way to drink it?

by neilb@uk In reply to wonderful topic, jck!

My old flatmate - a Gateshead boy - used to reckon that the only way was a half-pint (thin) glass that you topped up from the bottle.

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spot on!

by gadgetgirl In reply to What's the correct way to ...

it's the only way to keep the "head" on it properly. These people who drink it straight from the bottle don't get the full flavour! Ideally, it should leave a trail of light coloured fluffy bubbles on the inside of the glass after every slurp ......!

(Make of that what you will!!!!!)

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Spelling errors

by jmgarvin In reply to spot on!

You spelled flavor and color incorrectly. ;-)

/fans the flames...

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Peeing on the flames

by neilb@uk In reply to Spelling errors

As cosmopolitan Citizens of the World, we, when discussing an excellent English beer such as Newcastle Brown, are perfectly within our rights to comment on the appropriateness of its colour (brown), the neighbourhood in which it is brewed (Newcastle upon Tyne) and then to wax lyrical about its flavour.

When discussing an Americal near-beer such as Budweiser, we would, of course, use the relevant spelling to define its pisslike color and to describe its absolute lack of any discernable beer flavor.

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by jck In reply to Peeing on the flames

ever notice sometimes when typinig to someone like you, I remember to spell them colour, flavour, and theatre?

I also pronounce words like "garage" and "schedule" properly when in the respective country.

It's just the courtesy we well-mannered, respectable beer drinkers have above others :)

Besides...if you say them like an American, you stick out like a sore thumb.

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So! Is the "swill" persona just a mask?

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil

Are you really mild-mannered, cultured Clark Kent who, when he whips off the glasses, posts as SuperSwill?

Which is the real you? Your public wants to know...

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for fear of being harassed

by jck In reply to Neil

I won't tell...

either way...people think if I come out of my swill role, I'm out for me...when I'm just being honest.

So...I'll stick to swill...let the ignorant stay that way...and those who aren't be pleasantly surprised :)

btw...pints were grand on Friday...doing it again tonite!! :)

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drinking beers

by jck In reply to spot on!

I was in the airport last Monday on my way back from the niece's wedding, talking to Ed the bartender.

He was telling me...he actually has people come in and order Guinness in the bottle...and...when he puts up a frosted pint glass to pour it in, they just take the bottle and drink it straight out of the bottle.

I was like "Oh God, have mercy."

I suppose Diageo needs to give Guinness pouring classes in the states. Guinness is the beer that gives you a show before you drink it :)

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"Oh God, have mercy."

by Peon In reply to drinking beers

That's exactly what I thought, when someone offered me a 'Weizen' (wheat) beer FROM THE BOTTLE !

What a shame !

Almost as bad as in the "Paulaner' in Lyon, France years ago. At first the joy of finding a franchise outlet of real Bavarian beer in this country, where the average beer is worse than Coors light. But the waiter just did not understand what I wanted. I pointed to a Weizen glass on another table and then also to the menu entry. He just didn't grasp it. Eventually he brought me the wheat beer from the menu.

In a PILS glass ! I then asked my neighbours what they were drinking ! They had PILS in Weizen glasses ! Oh those Frenchies ! Of course he didn't understand. I don't think they would drink a Cognac from a coffee cup !

But I had a good laugh after all.
And a Weizen !

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Read The Bottle

by DMambo In reply to drinking beers

A BOTTLE of Guinness (Why anyone would choose a bottle when draught is available, I don't know) recommends that you drink straight from the bottle. It has to do with the little charge thingy in there. The bottle also recommends drinking it ice cold, which is not the way I'd drink a Guinness draught.

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