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I have an idea...let's talk about beer

By jck ·
Forget politics, weapons of mass destruction, religion, and sex...well...ok...not sex.

What beer do you like best?

Why do you like it?

How did you come about discovering it?

Did you find out it was/wasn't what you thought it would be if you knew about it previous to your first experience?

I'm tired of serious topics, dammit. Let's all talk about something good and fun.

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when ya have no choice

by jck In reply to Read The Bottle

You take it from the can or bottle.

If I could have my way, I'd never drink another one here in the states...I'd move my arse to Ireland and drink it fresh, meet all the lovely lasses there, and enjoy the craic at the local pub.

Man...I loved that place.

oh well...back to MS programming, stale American beers and politically correct bullsheeat

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Then be a REAL man

by jdclyde In reply to when ya have no choice

and skip that sissy beer and go straight for the Jack Daniels straight up.

Beer is for sissies! :^)

When I worked second shift, I would get to the bar a few hours after my buds and they would already have a good one going. To catch up I would order my "kick start" Three shots of Southern Comfort and a glass of sprite. Slam the three shots and then the sprite and I was caught right up with the rest of them. woo woo!

and then a night without Taquilla shots just isn't a night! Usually I skip the lemon and salt. Good stuff!

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by jck In reply to when ya have no choice me sissy...that's fine.

I can tell you, though...I've had more of every kind of alcohol than most people (save alcoholics) have had in their lives...including tequila.

There were nights when it would start out just a few beers or mixed drinks, but end up with me and my buddy Bobby drinkin straight from the 1.5 bottle. And, I remember seeing times when Bobby was on the floor and I thought he was gonna die.

Sissy? Yeah...I don't wanna I'm a sissy.

As for beer being for're the self-professed Killians lover and announcer of "beer by the pool"'re a pool-frequenting, beer-loving sissy!!! So there!!

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Well DUH

by jdclyde In reply to when ya have no choice

That is what is suppose to show you I was just jerking your chain, because I was putting myself in the exact same boat.

I am not one of those losers who think your manhood is defined by what or how much you drink. That is for stupid teenagers ONLY that haven't grown up yet.

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sorry man

by jck In reply to when ya have no choice

got a short chain...couldn't take off work today...and tomorrow I have 2 meetings.

I gotta become a park ranger...this friggin office shite is killin me.

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Depends on the situation

by timbstoke In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

I have a wide variety of alcoholic tastes, depending on mood.

Weekend night out: Stella Artois, moving to spirit mixers later on.

Weeknight night out: Carling - lower alcohol content=lower hangover. Alternatively, see:

Working Lunch: Vodka mixers - it's the no-tell spirit and leaves no hangover as long as you avoid the cheap stuff.

Entertaining at home: combination of spirit mixers and cocktails. Favourites are Jack&Coke, Amaretto&Coke, SoCo&Lemonade, and VodkaRedBull.

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I'm not a big consumer of Alcohol but..

by TomSal In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

For health reasons and just sheer never had that much interest in alcohol that most people have with it I'm not a huge consumer. Therefore you know it doesn't take much for me to get tipsy -- even though I'm pushing 230 lbs.

Anyway...I do admit when I do want a good beer with a meal I look for a place that serves Sam Adams. I just like how that beer tastes and how it goes down.

Killian's is pretty good too, though I only tried it twice.

Either way its just sad when your 130 pound girl friend who is 5 inches shorter than you to boot...can out drink you

Yeah she has fun with that fact.


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Decisions, decisions...

by CorTech In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

How do you choose ONE to like best??? It depends on my mood and what I'm doing. Guiness is always good, as is Bodingtons, but I prefer it if I'm just hanging out with friends in a pub.
Sometimes something lighter like Corona, or Dos Equis reminds me of being on the beach in Mexico and is perfect when sitting on my boat. The authentic mexican versions do taste better than the locally bottled ones.

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by jck In reply to Decisions, decisions...

It's good from a tap, but in the can it tasted crappy to me.

Anyone else have that experience?

Of course, I can't stand beer from a can anyway. Makes it all taste funny to me

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In this area...

by CorTech In reply to Boddington's

a can is about the only way to get it. I generally don't like any beer out of a can either. Bottles are usually much better.

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