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I have an idea...let's talk about beer

By jck ·
Forget politics, weapons of mass destruction, religion, and sex...well...ok...not sex.

What beer do you like best?

Why do you like it?

How did you come about discovering it?

Did you find out it was/wasn't what you thought it would be if you knew about it previous to your first experience?

I'm tired of serious topics, dammit. Let's all talk about something good and fun.

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Guinness Abroad

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Decisions, decisions...

I was in Key West once and the wife and I went to an Irish bar. Being really fed up with pissy beer surrogate (you know, fizzy water with marmite stirred into it) we opted for Guinness.

The guy pouring it thought I was paying him a compliment when I explained that I'd never seen 2 pints of Guinness poured in under 10 seconds.
I took a sip and said he could keep it - was absolutely vile.

Moral - Key West Irish bars dont do Guinness, despite what they say. Stick to the Frozen Margharitas that give you the ice-cream headaches.

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Not Always Skunky

by DMambo In reply to Guinness Abroad

I've had some nasty Guinness here in the states. It's more of how the keg was handled from the time it left the brewery until the time your pint was poured. Now, I've never had one in Ireland, so maybe my frame of reference is skewed, but I've had many deeeelicious Guinness draughts here in the USA. Give it another try sometime.

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Real Guinness = not outside of Ireland

by jck In reply to Guinness Abroad

I've heard these tales about why Guinness outside of Ireland is not like what you get in Ireland:

"Guinness doesn't travel well...even to the UK." - Been told that by folks on here as well as by my friends in Newcastle, Manchester, Aberdeen and London.

"Guinness that's made for export is brewed at Diageo's new facility in Nigeria." - was told this in Dublin. That after Diageo bought Guinness from the family (who are lords and ladies in the UK now), they built a huge brewing facility in Nigeria and that the differences are because of different water, grains are shipped there, the temperature affects the process, etc.

"When Guinness is exported, they dehydrate it to ship more, and the concentrate is reconstituted at the destination country in a facility." - I don't know how true this one is, but I do know that the Guinness for America is bottled from Stamford, CT. So, I'm not sure if they're brewing it there or doing what I was told in this tale.

All I know is this...the Guinness in Ireland is *far* tastier than what you get anywhere in the USA. I don't know why, but it is noticably less bitter and has a smoother, creamier texture.

Hence, I am spoiled. Drinking Guinness here is still okay, but I long with all my heart for the day I can sit daily in a pub in Ireland, have some craic with my mates, sing songs about pretty Irish girls, and maybe make a bunch of half-yank pups there.

hahaha...till then...I must suffer with the beer here...WAH!

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by DMambo In reply to Real Guinness = not outsi ...

I hope I get there soon to taste the real thing!

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I should be there

by jck In reply to

Feb 16-21 of 2006.

Flying into Dublin, railing direct to night there...riding with my friend to Donegal...night there...riding to Galway...night there...rail to meet up with another good friend in Co. Clare...back to his place for a few days with he and his wife...then to Shannon and catch a flight to Portsmouth, England.

Then I have 8 days in England and Scotland planned :)

Good luck getting there. It's beautiful. I'm still hoping for a permanent offer there and I will move.

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Need brew kit input

by jck In reply to I have an idea...let's ta ...

I was on the site, and I was reviewing their kits.

Now...if you experienced guys will fill me in...I need the beer keg brew thing, the mix, the booster (no sissy beers, thanks...need strong stuff).

Do I need to brew it with bottled water? Tap water?

I looked at Mr. Beer's big kit (for $149), but there's stuff in there I don't think I need (like the funnel and what not).

Someone let me know what I need. I think for less, I can get an extra brew keg and extra mix so I can make two batches at once.

And, is the St. Patricks Stout good if anyone has tried it?

Should I get their brew book so I can learn? Is it any good?

I really need input on this...I've only ever opened beers...never brewed them.

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What's Google for if not for this?

by neilb@uk In reply to Need brew kit input seems to have a simple start. I like the style - "The best way to brew: relax and have a beer."

They give a list of the basic equipment and start off with a really basic bitter recipe with just four ingredients.

As for water - we just used tap water, boilied it to get rid of the Chlorine and then let it cool. What's the water like where you are? We lived in a limestone area when I last did some homebrew.

One of the best chores is getting the empty bottles.

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Well for empty beer bottles

by jck In reply to What's Google for if not ...

I can get a couple 4 packs of Grolsch with the resealable bottles and use those. Saves me money.

I'll check that link out in a bit. I gotta head for a meeting in 10 minutes with my boss. Friggin meetings...interfering with my beer research!!! OH THE PAIN!!!


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water here

by jck In reply to What's Google for if not ...

is pretty mineral rich, since I'm in an area of Florida with highly pourous ground.

I'll probably get big bottles of distilled water and try a batch that way vs the tap water.

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My Kit

by mcdonjer In reply to Need brew kit input

Came with the keg, and a 3 pack of assorted mixes. I guess it was the Deluxe Kit. The mix pack had 3 booster packs, 3 sanitizer packs and 3 cans of beer mix. I got a 20 case of Grosch and have been using those bottles. As for the water, I have been using filtered water from the fridge.

So far I've made the Pale Ale, the OctoberFest, The Canadian Draft and the Nut Brown Ale

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