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I have an idea...let's talk about beer

By jck ·
Forget politics, weapons of mass destruction, religion, and sex...well...ok...not sex.

What beer do you like best?

Why do you like it?

How did you come about discovering it?

Did you find out it was/wasn't what you thought it would be if you knew about it previous to your first experience?

I'm tired of serious topics, dammit. Let's all talk about something good and fun.

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So you like the Mr Beer Kit then?

by jck In reply to My Kit

I'm seriously thinking about ordering it today, so that I might be brewing by the weekend following this one.

My ultimate goal is to determine how to make the most Guinness-like flavoured beer I can.

Hopefully, I'll be able to brew it cheaper than I can buy it...then savour it more often :)

Thanks for your input...I really do appreciate it...I've also thought about the Grolsch thing. Do you know if they still make them with ceramic plugs, or did they go entirely plastic now?

Thanks again.

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You can buy caps and a capper

by DMambo In reply to So you like the Mr Beer K ...

Most beer making stores sell caps and a die for tapping the caps onto the bottles. They'll work on almost any non-twist-off bottle.

jck, it ain't about the price, it's about the feeling of accomplishment when downing your own refreshing brew.

Well, for me, it's about the feeling of lazy relaxation when downing a bottle of store-bought ale.

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by jck In reply to You can buy caps and a ca ...

well, I just enjoy a good beer, whether it's a stout, pilsner, bitter, etc. Good beer is good beer.

I just have no experience making it and I'm hesitant. But, I want the satisfaction of being able to blend my own stuff to my liking. And, I really love Guinness and would like to find a mixture as palettable as well as save me a few dollars on a case.

Nonetheless, yeah...I'm gonna get into it. I just want feedback from others about how they like it. I've read reviews saying not to even bother with Mr. Beer and get a better quality starter kit, and I've read others that say Mr. Beer is good for an single guy who wants to experiment (that's me!).

As for buying bottles with a capper...The Grolsch glass bottles have a plug with a seal and a fastener that can be reclosed. so, I'll just go buy a few 4-packs of Grolsch, drink them, then clean the bottles well and use them since they re-seal.

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For me its the....

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to You can buy caps and a ca ...

way that brewing makes your boiler cupboard smell like a pub!!!

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Tell me, Fonken

by jck In reply to For me its the....

Is it better to brew the beer in a totally dark room? or does the sunlight help with the yeast/fermentation?

I got a room I can make pitch black with pre-cut boards for hurricane season.

The only bad news is so far...they say it takes 2 weeks for a batch...WAH!!!!!

hehehe...oh well...glad I have the liquor store til it finishes :)

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I've been told.....

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Tell me, Fonken

That a dark rooms better. Why? Well, not sure, but I know that if you are brewing cider or fruit wine with dark fruits, you're advised to cover your brewing vessel so the colour does not degrade because of the sunlight.

Likely the same with beer, not that I think the taste would change that much.

So long as the yeast is warm and has a plentiful supply of food (sugar, maltose) then it'll work its magic with or without the light!

Be aware as well that there is an optimum amount of sugar to add - yeast has a tolerance for alcohol which varies by strain, ie even if there's sugar to process, there may be so much alcohol already made that it kills the yeast off. Most brewers yeast will be tolerant up to 7-8% alcohol by volume.

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yeah...alcohol is bad in high doses

by jck In reply to Tell me, Fonken

to anyone...including us.

However...I will keep that in mind. Perhaps I'll brew one batch in the living room, then brew one in my garage where it's very dim.

Don't know if I want the house smelling like a brewery though. My parents might visit and wonder if I stole stuff from Ireland. hahaha :)

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by mcdonjer In reply to So you like the Mr Beer K ...

Some friends have made fun of the kit, but when they taste the beer, I don't hear anymore jokes. The manual actually recommends you use plastic bottles on the first few batches. That way you can squeeze the bottle to see if the carbonation process is done. I did this on my first batch with a few 24oz Pepsi bottles. Now is use 1 plastic test bottle. The Grolsch bottles I have still have ceramic plugs.

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by jck In reply to Yup

I'll get some Grolsch then this weekend and enjoy it, and order up a Mr. Beer kit so that I can (hopefully) have some brew getting started.

I'll also get a plastic bottle. Very good idea. Your deluxe kit came with the beermaking manual, eh? sweet...I gotta look at getting that ordered then.

Thanks again very much :)

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A little warning...

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to sweet...thanks

Just before I forget...

A wwhile back, in the UK, you could get these things called 'brew bags'.
It was literally just a bag that came all ready with malt and sugar etc in the bottom, you just added a few gallons of hot water, swilled it around then added the yeast and left it in a warm place to expand fora few weeks.

Tasted: VERY DODGY!!!
Considering reputable retailers like Boots were selling these things, they have a really weird taste. A mate could only describe it as being 'a bit spicey'.


PS - whats good for a hangover?
Drinking heavily the night before!

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