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I have found the source where id10ts come from.

By Old Guy ·
There are two countries in an undisclosed part of the world that breed and send forth the id10ts of the world.

Idiotesia and Moronovia

So, when these people rear their heads, and you know who they are, we will be able to ask them which country they hail from, Idiotesia or Moronovia. B-)

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Is it respectful to lie

by TonytheTiger In reply to Unfortunately

when a user says "You must really think I'm stupid."?

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If it can adversely

by Old Guy In reply to Is it respectful to lie

affect your job then it's called tact. If it's anonymous then no you can't lie. :)

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by maecuff In reply to Is it respectful to lie

the answer to that is yes. But you can think whatever you like. :)

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Idiots gossip about idiots

by Zemi In reply to The problem is enormous
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What about

by maecuff In reply to Idiots gossip about idiot ...

people who read posts from idiots gossiping about idiots? Should they get back to work, too?

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What about

by neilb@uk In reply to What about

the mental picture that I have of you in combat boots?

How can I be expected to work? :8}

Not to mention the much, much more alarming mental image of jdclyde in a mini-skirt. :_|

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by Jellimonsta In reply to What about

As long as the image of JD in a mini is not keeping you up at night, or haunting your dreams!!?!?! :0

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I'm vain enough

by maecuff In reply to What about

to be pleased by that. Black boots, jeans, t-shirt and lots of red lipstick has been my uniform for years..

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by maecuff In reply to What about

Those images will morph together, along with a really bad earwig and keep him up for days..

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Morphing images...

by neilb@uk In reply to What about

after his comment about his "nice legs", the image of jd in a mini-skirt is so horrendously powerful that I'm booked in for therapy. I believe that it might involve pictures and a couple of bricks but it has to be done. We are too close to images of Barbara from "League of Gentlemen" for anyone to joke about this. :_|

However, I will treasure the red and black images... :)

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