I have some form of malware...can any boffins out there help?

By brad.lawrence ·
I've got something nasty on my PC. Spyware programs by the dozen don't find it - I've spent all day downloading, scanning and failing to find it.

I've tried:

Spyware Doctor
Spybot S&amp
AVG Antivirus
Reg Cleaner


1. It will NOT let me type the name of, open or even click on a site in google referring in any way to the product called 'C + Cleaner' Had I joined the two C's together, as they should be, it would have killed my browser!

I tried to remove said program, thinking it to be the culprit, but my PC fought me (closing screens, dumping me to desktop etc) so I've made a hash of it and have 'ripped it off' rather than removing it properly. Now I can't download it again. I've googled the problem and it's been discussed, but my possessed pc dumps the browser when I try to see the relevant pages....


2. My pc keeps attempting to connect to the internet without being told to...I've no idea where it wants to go!

I'm hoping that these symptoms will ring a bell with one of you gurus out there, cos I'm at the end of my rope with this.

Oh, having read some similar posts, please don't ask me to send you a 'hijack this' report reaching this site and posting has exhausted my IT skills!

Hope you can help,

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LOL, give this a try:

by Absolutely In reply to I have some form of malwa ...

Other companies will also scan your computer for free, for the free marketing. Maybe one of them can get rid of your malware. Best of luck.

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Your recovery disk is where???

by Tig2 In reply to I have some form of malwa ...

Unless you are a registry guru, disconnect from the net and BACK UP YOUR FILES!!! ALL OF THE ONES YOU WANT!!!

Now. Deep breath. Re-image. (Aw... Sh*t!)

Something has ridden in and doesn't want your favourite cleaning tool to remove it. Unless you are a registry cowboy, call it a day.

What firewall have you been using and where in heck have you been? Let us know in case there is an aggregate worm out there.

Best of luck!

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I know that this sounds so obvious but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I have some form of malwa ...

Have you been running these scans in Safe Mode so that you can actually remove things?

Spy Bot S&amp if it's unable to remove something in Safe Mode will ask to be run on the next reboot before anything else is loaded into Memory and will manage to clean everything out that way if allowed but if you have been sticking to scanning in normal mode you don't have much of a chance of removing the nastier things that you can pick up.

Also have you tried searching for Crap Cleaner? That may work as it's a different combination but if you want the site it's here


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