I need help!!! =[

By throwbak ·
Hello... Im trying to reformat my step dads computer. It has windows XP, which was recently reformatted off of a partition located on the computer. The partition, I believe, was corrupted at 1 time, and gives multiple errors dealing with the SVCHost and other critical processes. Instead of trying to fix this, I figured lets try reformattin from a boot disc.

So I went ahead and got a windows XP boot disc, with SP2 already installed.. burnt it... And tried to use it.

The result :
Restarted the computer, inserted the disc, and set the computer up to boot from disc. It doesn't do anything, except sit on a black screen and it has a blinking underscore. I let the computer sit for about 15 minutes like this.

I know the Boot disc works, as I recently used the EXACT same disc(Same disc i burned...) to reformat/reinstall windows xp on another machine. The machine with the working XP runs perfectly fine, and I had no problems with installation.

Its like the boot disc is trying to boot, but fails with no kind of error reporting. Please Help.. =[

PS. The system specs are below for the computer that won't boot(Let me know if you need more information)...

HP Pavilion - AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHZ processor. Currently has Windows XP Home Edition(32-bit of course).

Tried using a Windows XP Professional 32-bit iso file, which I already said, worked on another desktop(A Dell optiplex).

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Take 2

by Jacky Howe In reply to I don't buy

You can get a good one every now and then.

I will see if I get kicked off this time when I submit.

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I was getting kicked off

by The Scummy One In reply to I don't buy

quite a bit earlier -- it passed.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to I don't buy

that clock must be getting ready for the weekend.

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I recently bought a used Dell system simply because it

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I don't buy

was so cheap I couldn't buy another 64 bit 3 ghz chip or a motherboard for the price of the used system. 512 MB RAM on board graphics and sound, 80 GB HDD with Win XP home on it, a dying mouse moved faster than it did. I put in a spare 300 GB HDD, put two 2GB RAM chips, loaded Kbuntu - damn thing flies at light speed now. Just need a decent low profile PCI graphics card for it. Total cost, except for the HDD (the one from the system whose motherboard went west on me), was A$200 - had to buy the 4 GB of RAM as the system uses DDR2 and I had no DDR2 chips in any other system.

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Isn't it funny

by Jacky Howe In reply to I don't buy

how a Linux install will run super fast on some of these older Systems. Looks like you had a win win DE.

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Yep, sure did, a cheap replacement with a better chip

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I don't buy

the only problem is the cheap on board graphics is no good for games - but that's no problem as I just finished rebuilding a P2 400 as my Win 98 games box with a couple of gig of RAM - sweetest Win 98 box I've ever had.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to I don't buy

situated on the the only road to take if you are going from Queanbeyan to Wagga. I've passed through it quite a few times. Nice place. I lived in Coolamon for a couple of years before heading up here.

I have an old AMD based System here somewhere that is the fastest Win98 System that I've ever seen. I can't put my hands on it at the moment to check the specks. I know it's in the shed somewhere.

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Now why were YOU going from Queanbeyan to Wagga?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I don't buy

I actually moved down here from Queanbeyan for personal reasons - leave Queanbeyan Canberra or be sent crazy by my ex and my sister.

You must have been in the Queanbeyan area for a while to have called it that instead of Canberra.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to I don't rely on recovery ...

in Cooma. Had nearly 30 years in Queanbeyan and around the area. Bungendore a couple of times, Captains Flat. I know that area well as we used to live and work on properties. We used to Chrismas break at Weejasper, I worked for Weejasper station for awhile. I still have four sisters in Queanbeyan and one in Noosa. I will be heading down to Queanbeyan in january for my nephews wedding. I still have a lot of mates down there so I will be taking a break while I'm there.

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Did it ever cross your mind that it could be...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I need help!!! =[

... the reader is bad (try another CD/DVD ROM) or even that the particular media you used to burn the ISO can't be read by that particular reader? Happens all the time!

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