I need help!!! =[

By throwbak ·
Hello... Im trying to reformat my step dads computer. It has windows XP, which was recently reformatted off of a partition located on the computer. The partition, I believe, was corrupted at 1 time, and gives multiple errors dealing with the SVCHost and other critical processes. Instead of trying to fix this, I figured lets try reformattin from a boot disc.

So I went ahead and got a windows XP boot disc, with SP2 already installed.. burnt it... And tried to use it.

The result :
Restarted the computer, inserted the disc, and set the computer up to boot from disc. It doesn't do anything, except sit on a black screen and it has a blinking underscore. I let the computer sit for about 15 minutes like this.

I know the Boot disc works, as I recently used the EXACT same disc(Same disc i burned...) to reformat/reinstall windows xp on another machine. The machine with the working XP runs perfectly fine, and I had no problems with installation.

Its like the boot disc is trying to boot, but fails with no kind of error reporting. Please Help.. =[

PS. The system specs are below for the computer that won't boot(Let me know if you need more information)...

HP Pavilion - AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHZ processor. Currently has Windows XP Home Edition(32-bit of course).

Tried using a Windows XP Professional 32-bit iso file, which I already said, worked on another desktop(A Dell optiplex).

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Oh, to answer your question...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to LOSER !! ...

I've a bunch of thumbs for recipes, smartassishness, opinion, and incredible wit. B-)

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Hey Box, that bit about wit

by Deadly Ernest In reply to LOSER !! ...

sounds about half right.

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Oh, my. DE!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to LOSER !! ...

I'm gonna have to remember that for future use. ]:)

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I've had an excellent run

by Jacky Howe In reply to, too.

with Pioneer DVD Drives.

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I've had an excellent run

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I've had an excellent run

with Plextor. My problem is anything Torrent. Gave up on Torrents. Bah.

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by C F USA In reply to I need help!!! =[

Try booting from a Knoppix CD to see if it works, if not, make sure your bios is set to boot from CD...

IF Bios is good and/or Knoppix works,then bad CD, if neither work, check your CD Drive...could be bad

Next try one of your "burnt discs" in another machine, not to install, just to boot.

Worst case, if our drive is good, google your Model and you can find a few people selling Recovery CD's that HP/Compaq no longer offer.

Also may want to make sure your HDD didnt go out...just a thought they MAY or may not have been overlooked

Good Luck

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by throwbak In reply to Try....

Thanks for everyones support(and the little side convo made it feel like some real support from instore lol ).

I'm pretty sure the CD/DVD Reader works fine. When I insert a disc into either drive(It has 2, one for CD/DVD reading and the other is a DVD-RW Drive) after the computer boots from C it works. I tried using different discs, and even other burning programs. Its like my drive/comptuer freezes when it tries to boot from it. I'm possitive that the Boot is set up for the CD Drive(s) first, THEN hard-disk.

Like I said, the computer pretty much works fine off the hard disk, no hardware problems that I know of. It gets multiple errors, and all start up programs return errors and close.

ALSO The Recovery Partition has been currupted; Meaning that IF I do use it to make a recovery disc, it will not work( I have tried). I also tried to reformat through the recovery partition(thats why the current windows installed is fucked).

I do have 1 Question though, does the Windows XP Install disc need to be on a CD-R, or can it be on a DVD-R?(I heard that only CD-R's are used for XP installation, but the DVD-R i used on the dell worked fine. That might be the problem?)

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it used to be

by Sue T In reply to Hmm

that you could call HP and they would send you recovery CDs. Yes, they will charge you for it but I believe it used to be about $10. From what you said though, I think I would be scanning the computer for virus and malware and run sfc (system file checker) to scan for and replace any bad system files. Also, was new hardware or a new program installed before you started having problems?
Good luck.

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Or -- without calling

by The Scummy One In reply to it used to be

you can go to and look at the drivers for the system, there should be an option to have an image disk mailed to you.

My brother did that a couple of years ago -- cost was $18 and it took 4 days to arrive.

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Drivers yes...CD's maybe

by C F USA In reply to Or -- without calling

The drivers are almost always there ( but for the CD's depending on when it was made, they may not be available. A quick google search will give him/her some options as to "copies" of recovery cd's or perhaps he can find someone who actually made the backup.

I was quite disappointed to learn that HP does not keep a copy for sale, but alas, their company, their rules.

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