I need help installing a my new sound card.

By jerdvd ·

I use a MSI KM3M-V (MS-7061) motherboard with an AMD Sempron 2500+ processor with Win XP Sp2. The inbuilt audio setup no longer works fine and always produces a crackling effect.

I try installing a sound card via the PCI slot but i am not able to succeed.

Every time I try installing the drivers given the with the device the PC freezes. This happens even if i format the drive and install the new drives before the Motherboard sound drivers are installed.

I have tried different drivers as well but they don't seem to recognize the device.

Even changing PCI slots dont seem to help.

The card came in a box with the brand name Zippy but I see the words Creative emu10k1x on a chip on the card.

Also searching by the words FM801 from the card i was able to locate the exact image of the Sound card [...] 1_6CH.html

Device Description is show as Creative SB Live! Series Audio Processor (WDM) when the OS loads and the device is detected automatically

Your advice is eagerly awaited.


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disable in BIOS

by balge In reply to Update - it works fine o ...

is the onboard soundcard disabled in BIOS?


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Yes - Disabled in the Bios

by jerdvd In reply to disable in BIOS

I have disabled it on the BIOS but still unable to get the card working

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by balge In reply to Yes - Disabled in the Bio ...

well, if you followed the advice in previous posts and it still doesn't work then I can only assume some weird incompatibility problem - if all your PCI slots are functional,and the card works on another board, and you have CORRECTLY configured your BIOS - then the only possibility I can suggest is incompatibility - try another brand of card or use your onboard card - does that work?

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