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I Need Help to learn linux

By mostafa_ismayel ·
hi all
how is every body
i'm asking for help to learn linux
i've used MS Windows for more than 7 years and now i'm finding difficulties to learn linux
I need any one to lead me to the right way to do it
thank you all

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learn IRC

by secure_lockdown In reply to I Need Help to learn linu ...

and get something called CBT Linux+ Nuggets. (not that I condone illegality)

try to work in the console/command line environment as much as possible.

the neat thing about Linux is once you learn one distro - you will pretty much know them all. you will also be able to find your way around any unix variant. i recently had to look at a solaris box and i never worked on solaris - but i was able to find my way around thanks to my linux knowledge.

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don't forget about the free online books

by secure_lockdown In reply to I Need Help to learn linu ...

in particular,
Linux Installation and Getting Started by Matt Welsh


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Still learning Linux myself

by AcesKaraoke In reply to don't forget about the fr ...

Great to see all the resources available.

Reading through my Linux bible is slowww going.

I need to be more unafraid to ask questions myself when I don't know something, 'cause there's a lot of savvy members in TechRepublic (but very few are psychic).

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by Jaqui In reply to Still learning Linux myse ...

some may be psycotic.

personally, I don't use windows, or any mocrosoft produced software.

only *x based.

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Isn't it hard to avoid MS altogether though?

by AcesKaraoke In reply to

MS has such market penetration that it seems to have Windows everywhere.

I've been using some form of Windows since 3.11 (which I was really glad was my first as it wasn't as far removed from DOS and the command line as its successors). I'm going to ITT right now so even if I was inclined to stop using MS, it wouldn't be an option.

I've been picking up a little here and there about Linux, but it's slow going becuase I'm going to school and working right now. I want to become more proficient with Linux because I believe we are really going to see a surge in Linux marketshare in the next year or two and I want to develop skills to be more prepared for landing a job in this fast-changing and competetive market.

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by Jaqui In reply to Isn't it hard to avoid MS ...

since my computer work is for my own business I can avoid windows easily.
when someone sends an attached file in a m$ file formet I send it back.sorry can't open this proprietary corrupted file format, send in plain text ot TeX Text formatting.
( which is a bit of bs as there are 5 tools that will open ms orifice documents, just why send files in a proprietary file format, use a format that is open source )

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Learn Linux

by kamal_lochan2004 In reply to I Need Help to learn linu ...

Hi Mostafa,

I will help you to learn Linux. Before that you have to purchase a book, One Machine to install Linux and I will guide you through mail.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Learn Linux

no need to purchase a seperate book. just get knopp. workd like a charm.

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your help positively

by uppulurivasu In reply to I Need Help to learn linu ...

Dear friend,
if you need much of interface in windows i prefer you to go for Novell Linux 9.0 whose evaluation version is available for free download in, it carries much of windows interface. the only problem in linux is the drivers support if your system is a branded system then there shall be no problem.
Ok bye and take care......
Be in CONTACT......

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Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide

by famosamos In reply to I Need Help to learn linu ...

Try this site. It has an extensive hands-on guide to learning Linux:

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