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I need some help

By teraside ·
Good day. I have got a pc with a Epox Ep 3VCM+ motherboard and 128mb 133 SDRam. The problem is the pc does not start. When I press the button to start up the computer, the power comes on, but there is no power on the monitor or keyboard. I don't know what to check. This is a recent fault, since the pc worked fine for months. Please help if you can. I am not sure what processor is installed, since the motherboard supports both Cyrix and Pentium III.
Thanks alot. Jako Alberts

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by teraside In reply to I need some help

The processor fan does come on, I've tried to clear the cmos. When the pc powers on, I see the green light on the case, the built in pc speaker is connected correctly, still no post beeps, i'll try to replace the power supply in the future. I don't want to spend anything on this pc, since it's passed it's sell by date.
Thanks for all the advise and replies guys. To the person that said I should try Linux: I cannot even access the bios, let alone try operating systems.

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by OTL In reply to I need some help

First check the ouput voltages on the PS, if they are way out of specs or no voltage it is a power problem.

Have seen this symptom with a controller card on the HD/CD streaming across the buss. Try unplugging all peripheral drives and leave the floppy plugged in, this should give you a no system indication on the monitor, if not could be your video card is the problem. Add them one at a time till it stops working, you will then have the bad one identified.

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by Bagmaster50 In reply to I need some help

Your motherboard manual is available for download form this site. About half way down the page.

Lastest bios here, http://www-old.epox.nl/english/support/bios/socket.php?id=4

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