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I need to get one of these!

By jdclyde ·

Just think of how much fun that would be to play with?

What toys do you think are cool?

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keeping the peace

by jdclyde In reply to one three minute burst

think of this as a deterent to violence. Most people would not be stupid or crazy enough to go against something like this.

The people that ARE stupid enough, well, just think of this as chlorine of the gene pool. ;\

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link to metal storm

by mjwx In reply to This might help when an I ...

couldn't find the grenade launcher but it was on the story (i guess See En En missed it).

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Train load

by ozi Eagle In reply to This might help when an I ...

The trouble is a 3 minute burst would require a train load of ammunition.

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Oh yeah!

by NickNielsen In reply to I need to get one of thes ...

I wonder if they'll let me borrow it the next time I have to drive out to Myrtle Beach. It could come in pretty handy if some Beemer-boy or phone-phool gets even more stoopid than usual. Two well-placed rounds from that thing could take out all four tires!

Cool toys? The coolest thing I can think of right now (given the initial toy) is an H&K MP5 unlimited rounds and a clear range. The M1A1 would be a close second.

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Home Brew Weapons

by BFilmFan In reply to I need to get one of thes ...

I am loathe to see some people get this as they don't have the sense to play with them safely, but...

Your own home brew rail guns, gauss guns and lasers:

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I was surprised to find

by jdclyde In reply to Home Brew Weapons

that you can MAKE a machine gun.

The way the government (feds) keep you from buying them is they cross a state line.

If you make it yourself, you license it and can legally own it.


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sorry, mistake

by rob mekel In reply to I need to get one of thes ...
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mmm, does make me wonder

by rob mekel In reply to I need to get one of thes ...

what will happen if some sick mind would take that kinda Gatling to school when in a bad temper with him/her self or some teacher.

Or, maybe even worse, some terrorist would get hold of it in the all-time going on cycle of:
good, better, best sequence!

But if we got the meanest weaponry then we will be okay, won't we] :)


In the country of the blind, the one eyed person is king.

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by JamesRL In reply to mmm, does make me wonder

Reality is that the makers of that weapon don't sell to just anyone - its to governments only. And since the quantities are limited, I'm pretty sure the price is beyond most of us. Its also not a handheld weapon (Arnie in T2 not withstanding), it can't be used unless its mounted to a vehicle.

These guns are the direct descendents of the guns in fighter aircraft, just in a different calibre.

Now after watching 60 minutes, I know and citizen can buy a Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle in the US. This gun can penetrate any body armour, any bulletproof glass, and up to 1/4 inch of hardened steel. It also has incredible range - snipers train at ranges over a mile with this weapon. As 60 minutes points out, it would be possible to take out a plane on a runway from a great distance. Some of the specialized bullets (armour piercing and incendiary) are not legally for sale in the US, but can be acquired on the net. There is no federal tracking of these weapons. The show had an example of a New York man buying them one at a time and then when he had enough of them smuggling them into the Balkans.

Of course there are those who will argue against restrictions on the right to bear arms. I think a sniper rifle makes a lousy self defense weapon, but a great terrorist weapon.


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Other uses

by jdclyde In reply to Reality

The club I belong to has a 300 yard outdoor range. this is used by many people for different reasons.

Hunting, out in the plains or mountain states.
Competition shooting. You have your sport, we have ours.

Self defense, maybe when I get my house with the 500 yard driveway that I can cover from the house! Just LET someone try to sell me a magazine subscription!

seriously, the single most dangerous "assult" weapon is perfectly legal in ALL stateds. Twelve Gage shotgun. close range, it will win hands down over an ak47 anyday. For home protection, it is refered to as a hall sweeper. Another advantage, all you have to do is jack a shell into the chamber on that puppy and the sound alone is almost always enough to difuse the situation and make someone rethink their intentions. Added bonus, the shells don't penitrate multiple walls, so you don't have the friendly fire issue as much.

You can have a 50 cal competition rifle custom made for you for about $1200 usd.

"Gun control means using both hands."

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