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I need to get one of these!

By jdclyde ·

Just think of how much fun that would be to play with?

What toys do you think are cool?

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Hunting, be serious

by JamesRL In reply to Other uses

I am from a family of hunters. My brother shoots competitively and I have joined him on occasion.

A 50 cal leaves a huge whole and spoils the meat. Plus it is big and heavy to lug around in the woods. If you were stand hunting perhaps. My grandfather used a Lee Enfield 303 - the British/Canadian WWII rifle, for hunting deer, Moose, bear and wolf.

The only time I can see a need is if you were trying to destroy a nuisance or killer bear. If you had a stand and baited it..but even a 303 or 30-06 would do.

I've owned a shotgun. When I was a kid, one Saturday night some drunk decided our front lawn was the perfect spot to do donuts with his pickup. I walked out with the shot gun and it was over pretty quick. I had no intention of shooting at someone, but I was prepared to shoot in the air. I was worried this idiot might the house and us in it.

I also got into target pellet pistol shooting when I was a kid. Its not expensive (guns range from $50 to a couple of hundred), pretty safe (don't need range inspected) and fun. The range can be a basement or a barn and 10 yards is all you need.

A 300 yard range is great for "normal" rifle calibres. Not really for 50 cals.


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in general

by jdclyde In reply to Hunting, be serious

not all "sniper rifles" are 50 cal.

The military is, and they have some real cool footage of nailing talaban hiding in the hills. Can you say pieces?

For hunting, I am deciding between a few calibers right now.

300 savage, 7 mm, 308, all are nice "reach out and touch" something rounds.

I would bet that drunk had to wash his seats the next day when he sobered up...... It is a REAL attention getter. And they DO teach you that in "Personal protection" classes. The same can be said of having a revolver. Pulling that hammer back will get a reasonable affect as well.

Easier to difuse the situation than to take it on. They teach you get your weapon, secure your family, call the cops, and stay in a room with the lights off. MAKE SURE that the cops know what room you are in and do NOT go to clear the house yourself. A tv isn't worth getting shot over.

so much for them teaching people to be gun nuts, huh?

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Sniper rifles versus .50 cals

by JamesRL In reply to in general

Not all sniper rifles are 50 cals, but all 50 cals are sniper rifles....

I was focusing on that because the other calibres are fine for hunting as well, but the 50 cal, is more dangerous.

The 60 mins episode had a SWAT team set up a target at 50 yards - 1/4 steel plate. The SWAT sniper with the regular rifle shot at it, it was a very minor dent, more of a scratch. The Barrett 50 cal - with solid shell, not AP, put a clean hole rigth through it.

Depends what you want to hunt. We had 303s and 308s for serious work - wolf bear etc. For groundhogs etc we had .222 - very similar round to the M16's .223 - centre fire, not to be mistaken for a .22. I had a single shot 12 gauge shooting magnum shots (3")for goose which also worked for dunks, and the occasional feral dog.

The shotgun versus pickup was in the late 70s. We lived out in the country, and a police call would have about a 20 minute reponse, longer if they were already on a call. It would be different today -there werent many handguns around bakc then, and you couldn't have a gun in a pickup. Today I'd be worried it would escalate.


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Never seen

by jdclyde In reply to Sniper rifles versus .50 ...

a Desert Eagle? 50 cal pistol. horrible to shoot (as you can imagine!)

I still love my 44mag blackhawk.

223 is a GREAT varmit round, and lots of them sold around here. nice range too.

Favorite round to use? Never a FMJ. Fedrel makes HydroShocks, and I think it is Remington that makes the Golden Sabers. That is what I use in the blackhawk to go whitetail hunting. open sights, keeps a 6" pattern at 100 yards.

THIS year is going to be something special. It will be my boy's first time deer hunting (they will be 14) so we are going to the U.P. for a week. Can't wait!

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re: gun smuggling

by Jaqui In reply to Reality

Iran Contra: US Government endorsed gun smuggling.
Apartheid: US Government endorsed gun smuggling.

on the latter, My uncle was in Barbados, handling the shipments on leg two on their way to South Africa, leg one was Langley VI to Canada.
[ and yes, he did get convicted in court over it ]

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by bschaettle In reply to I need to get one of thes ...
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I have a WMF of that ....

by btljooz In reply to I need to get one of thes ...

that a friend sent me in an e-mail. I tried to get this friend to find out the URL it came from as it came to them as a forward from one of their friends.

I'm still waiting

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Naw- I'd rather have this ...

One suggestion:- don't sit near a window!!!

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is that all?

by jdclyde In reply to Naw- I'd rather have this ...

A guy sitting in front of a cool monitor? I guess everyone has their own idea of what is cool to want!

j/k !~

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