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I need to get one of these!

By jdclyde ·

Just think of how much fun that would be to play with?

What toys do you think are cool?

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As a musician

by JamesRL In reply to I need to get one of thes ...

I played percussion in High school and had the good fun to perform the 1812 Overature. For those who don't know the piece, its the story of Napoleon's attack in Russia and features cannons and rifle shots. We had to make do with our drums and a few improvised pieces (rubber garbage pail hit with a soft mallet).

When I came to Toronto, I went to see the Toronto Symphony do the 1812 at the Ontario Place forum. At that time one of the fun parts about Ontario place (for me) was the HMCS Haida, a distinguished WWII destroyer with 6 4.5 inch guns. Yes, they used them in the piece. It was co-ordinated by radio, as the ship was about 400 yards away, but it was still quite the experience.

I often wished I got to be the one firing those guns for the 1812 overature.....

Sadly it won't happen now as they moved the Haida to Hamilton.


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When did that happen??? Is it still afloat or is it drydocked???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to As a musician
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Afloat is a relative term

by JamesRL In reply to When did that happen??? I ...

When they went to move her they found silt had built up around her and her bottom was almost rusted out. So they did some repairs to keep her together and moved her to Hamilton.

I toured her when I was younger. Great old ship.


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1812 Overature is magnificent...

by TracyF In reply to As a musician's one of my favorites. I cannot imagine being at a point in time where they actually used a real ship in the overature! Lucky you! I'm jealous,


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That would really be something!

by jdclyde In reply to As a musician

Music is to be FELT, physically and mentally.

Get the chills?

Back in High School I was a tech for the light crew. All the shows in the area came to our school to rent our auditorium so I was a part of it all. (LOVED the dance recitals and beauty contests!)

People found it odd that a long hair metal head would enjoy the different classical music. I still do.

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