I need to vent - What would you do?

By jdmercha ·
My organization has recently installed new management. Several of us have had our responsibilites dramatically reduced. Five of the eight departments heads have left. I intend to leave at the first opportunity.

Under the previous management team all IT decisions rested with me. Under the new management team these decisions are now being made by four peole with no technical background what-so-ever.

I have tried to get involved as soon as I find out that they are dealing with an IT issue. Many times my reccomendations are ignored. And frankly I've had enough.

Another issue has just come up, that I heard about this Friday. I had a chance to voice my concerns, but once again they have been ignored. I just checked my email and they have decided to go ahead and make an IT purchase for equipment and software they do not need and will not use. At this point I'm inclined to just keep quiet and let them continue to waste time and money.

What would you do?

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That's the way things are...

by Toivo Talikka In reply to I need to vent - What wou ...

...unfortunately. Everybody wants to share the glory of making decisions, but when things go wrong, they will start looking for whom to blame. And it ain't them.

Seriously, you will have a chance to give your 2p worth at least when the time for a rollout and troubleshooting comes.

Been there, done that...

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Already happened.

by jdmercha In reply to That's the way things are ...

We shared a server room with another department. The room belonged to the other department, so I did not have physical access to my own servers. But we had two other IT people who worked for both departments, so it wasn't a big deal.

The building was schedule for renovation. I recommended that the servers get moved before the people. The other department moved out first. The two shared techs went with them, no longer working for our department. The renovation started and most of our people moved out. Movers and construction people had access to our server room, but I still did not. The last person to move was myself. But only after one of our servers was stolen.

Guess who took the heat for the stolen server.

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Assume they want you gone.

by bruce.dimon In reply to Already happened.

Document everything with hardcopy in the hope that the bosses' boss will seek out the truth later. But don't count on it. The fact that the pointy-haired bosses have already reduced your IT staff and are not listening to you is evidence they view IT as a commodity to contract out.

There are a lot of IT bosses who want to get rid of overpaid nerds. They figure any new college graduate has the same skills as a 20-year vet. After all, any 13 year-old knows everything about computers.

They also figure that a phone call to India will produce cheap code from somebody that magically knows all their business needs even though the contractors have never heard of their new client before.

I saw an outsourcing project go way over budget and schedule because the IT VP assumed outsourcing projects did not require him to effectively communicate with the contractor. He told Bangalore that he wanted just one small program done. Then he told them they could make any improvement in underlying classes because he would eventually have them rewrite all the programs in the system. Without any coordination between the US and India, surprises abounded in the testing lab.

Having given up on outsourcing, he made me train two new college grads then showed me the door.

If the bosses don't view IT as essential to the business, they will view it as a service to contract out, like hiring janitors or buying photocopiers. If they?re right, we should worry. If they?re wrong, they can blame the nerds and collect a fat severance check.

Good luck looking for a better position.

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by jdclyde In reply to I need to vent - What wou ...

Send an email to the four of them, and CC YOUR boss.

Explain your point of view on why something is or isn't a good idea, and what will happen if your recommendations are ignored. Be conservative of the possible savings/damage, but realistic.

When the fab-four move ahead anyways and have the problems you said they would, it will cover you and point out the problem of having people making ignorant decisions.

And most of all, no one can come back later and blame you for it.

In the mean time, get that resume updated. Life is to short to have to go daily to a place you hate.

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I'd CYA a little more

by gadgetgirl In reply to I need to vent - What wou ...

I wholeheartedly agree with jd, but I'd go a little further.

I'd include the fact that you were present at the meeting, and detail what happened there. Formally write down all your points of protest, and also include their answers to the points you raised. (if any.....)

You could always do a little bit of research, and, if they insist of having more kit, give them an alternative - which also gives you a section in your email where you can ask appropriate questions:

What does this need to do?
Is this already covered? If so, by what program/kit
How has this need come about?
Is it financially justifiable?
Will costs increase or decrease year-on-year?

That may - just may, mind you - make them think about the real reason they're making this purchase.

As for any other IT issues - firmly point out to your boss, that if you aren't told it's broke you can't fix it. If I were you, I'd keep emailing the whole damn lot every time they deal with something that treads on your toes - it's a good way to CYA when you send an email stating "I cannot comment, I have no knowledge of this issue, it having been discussed without my involvement"

oh, and apart from updating the CV, keep copies of everything..... if you leave and it all falls apart, they may try to blame you externally as well as internally.

Been there, done that; the next person in here who goes off and buys a software program for health professionals without letting me know will be dead. Hung, drawn and quartered. Including my ex boss, who has just spend monopoly money on Information Management software that does a marvellous impression of a sieve when it comes to security......

I feel your pain!


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Hard copies indeed

by jdclyde In reply to I'd CYA a little more

But why was it not until YOU came in here gg that the conversation started to stiffen up around here? Just sort of got a rise out of the situation and finding I am waiting for a climactic end to the whole thing. B-)

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ok, that's it! that's it!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hard copies indeed

Next Christmas you're getting a pressie from me......

an orgasmatron.....

that'll give you a climactic end!



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GG, there you go again

by jdclyde In reply to ok, that's it! that's it ...

Here I am being serious and trying to help this poor guy out and you have to take the discussion in an impure direction.
New leaf, remember? Innocent, that is me!
<img src="">

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Great suggestions but....

by XT John In reply to I need to vent - What wou ...

The handwritings on the wall. This company wants to do away with an entire department, whether it's to farm out the duties, or deploy a new team. Due to the arrogance, incopetence, etc. of the new management, the old timers will pack it in; or eventually get canned. I'd let them keep making the stupid decisions, screw things up, all the while mailing out those resumes ASAP.

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This is what I am leaning towards

by jdmercha In reply to Great suggestions but....

I definately like the CYA suggestions mentioned. But for now most of the issues are somewhat minor, like buying a $300 printer they don't need, paying $600 for a $300 software package and getting computers set up and then not using them.

I personally have a hard time letting the make mistakes. But maybe that's the only way they will learn. They certainly aren't listening to me.

The resume has been out for a while now. unfortunately the job market is tight.

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