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I need Windows 95 Setup CD or Download

By Eddie, GH ·
I have a BUS Control Module unit that connects my gas chromatograph to my lab PC. The driver of the module runs only on Win 95. The hard drive of the PC has to be changed, which would mean reinstalling Win 95. Where can I get a copy of Win 95?

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by CG IT In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...
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by zlitocook In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...

I see them at garage sales, flea markets I have four copys myself. I still have 3.11 for work groups shrink wraped.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...

If the drive is still working you can always Clone it and save yourself the problems associated with a reinstall.

If you can't find a copy on E Bay with a Product Key or at a local Garage, Sale Computer Swap Meet or something similar you can always contact MS and buy a copy of 95 though that is the more expensive option.

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by baronpublications In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...

I have the original CD for Win95.

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by difahl In reply to

If you have the time, could you send me an e-mail with all the files
on the cd attached? I have an old system of mine that has some
important files on it, and I keep getting the blue screen whenever i
turn it on. Thanks in advance!

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copy of windows 95 installation cd

by georgekonyango In reply to

please sir send a copy win 95

my e-mail address =

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Please send me a copy of Win95 Setup CD (english)

by cnzhuwei In reply to copy of windows 95 instal ...

Sir, can you please also send me a copy of Win 95 setup CD (English), it's for the setup of a used HPLC my lab newly bought.

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by Eddie, GH In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...

I live and work in Ghana. Where can I download a copy on the net? Note that it is almost impossible to make foreign online payments from Ghana.

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by OTL In reply to I need Windows 95 Setup C ...

I like the clone the drive answer, or you could;

1. Get a box of floppies and create a system backup.

2. Buy a Win 95 compatable CDR (if you do not already have one), and create a bootable image of the HD. (assuming HD is less than 700MB - Win 95 was happy with 250MB).

3. Buy 2 new HD's and create 2 system backups so if one fails you are not going through the same headaches again.

NOTE: Always make at least 2 copies and store one physically off site in another building.

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by OTL In reply to

Item 2 & 3 would not require reinstalling any software just coping them to the new HD, all programs currently on the HD would be saved on the CD/new HD's.

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