I wanna set my webcam to auto record video when there is motion.

By Slayer_ ·
Anyone know of any free trustworthy software to do this?

I have a Mandriva VM on Virtual Box if that can be used instead, otherwise I am running Win XP Pro.

The webcam is a simple Logitech camera that is not even worthy of a model number on it.

If Windows one, preferably one that does not require a verison of .net

If a Mandriva one, someone will have to tell me how to get VirtualBox and Mandriva talkign with my USB's.

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That is what i like about "Try before you buy".....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Lots of shareware crap bu ...

You can test out the software to see if it works with your hardware.
Nice to know that you have found one.

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Indeed, as far as software goes, it's the best way to go

by Slayer_ In reply to That is what i like about ...

Try before you buy should be the method of all non free software.

However, I would still prefer a free solution, simply because this is a one time use thing for me. I feel bad using the software like that if it's not free.

But it's too late now, in a few hours is the open house.

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Worked perfect

by Slayer_ In reply to I wanna set my webcam to ...

Got a great view of some of the weirdos that want my house. One family of 4 came into the my computer room 4 times... seemed to be young teens. I guess they really like my computer room :). Well, can't blame em, I got pretty close to the geeks fantasy room here, while still living in my parents basement :).

I wish I could youtube this, but well, Canada has that privacy act. Did catch one of our neighbors tho.

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Nice one... Nice to know all is well with your webcam/Vid capture.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Worked perfect
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by Forum Surfer In reply to Worked perfect

Never, ever admit to using Mandriva in your parent's basement. Do you know how many *nix bashers would love to hear that???


It's ok tho, we've all been there. Well, not me. My parents were a little poor and couldn't afford a basement or an attic.

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