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I want one!!!!

By PurpleSkys ·
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Just because it would be so neat to have it

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That site is dangerous

by cmiller5400 In reply to I want one!!!!

I want one of everything. I'd be broke if I shopped there frequently. I did buy one of the carnivorous plant kits that never bloomed :_|

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Yep it's way too dangerous to look at

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That site is dangerous

Though I now have to get another Sonic Screwdriver as there is one I don't have. :_|

As for Growing Carnivorous Plants from seed that's very hard with most. Things like Venus Fly Traps don't germinate at all well though the Sarracenia and Sundew are easy to germinate the Cobra Lilly is extremely difficult to keep alive even in a Air-conditioned Office as they need cool Roots to grow where as the others need warm roots to grow. They also need to remain damp as apposed to wet and in a Terrarium that is something very hard to achieve.

Currently I'm in the process of buying Endoscopes so I can do Internal Examinations on those I dislike. So come on Low Cost Conolospocies, I have a 27 Meter Endoscope and for the females Cervix Examinations with a 1 Meter Endoscope.

I can also use the small one to look inside engines as the Camera Head is only 9mm in Diameter. :^0

These go along with the Doctors Examination Couches that I acquired a while ago so I have a new business opportunity. :^0 :^0


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I even...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Yep it's way too dangerou ...

I even refrigerated the dang thing for two months (I think) like the instructions said. The refrigerator still smells like damp potting soil

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The trouble there is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I even...

That some of the seeds do not do well with refrigeration it kills them and even the Cobra Lilly doesn't require refrigeration to germinate but to grow them it's a different story. The VFT's on the other hand do and they are extremely difficult to grow from seed. I have yet to find anyone with success in growing them that way. Tissue Culture or Cuttings is very successful but seed isn't.

Here I have seen people modify fridges to circulate cool water through the Cobra Lillie's Potting mixture so that they can grow them and even then they place one pot inside another with Sphagnum Moss in the outer pot and Peat Moss in the inner pot to get the Peat cool enough so as not to kill the roots of the things.

The Trumpet Pitchers and Sundews should have grown even if the potting mix was too wet but with all terbiums you need to leave the lid off them for a few days to allow the potting mix to dry out and then place the lid back on to build up humidity. Though no matter what else the Potting Mix should have been pure Peat and you need to wet this first before placing it into the Pot. Not easy with Pure Peat you need to use Hot Water to get it wet properly and then wait a day or two before using it.

Seed is very hard to get Carnivorous Plants to grow from for a beginner you are much better starting out with plants not seed and even Tissue Cultured Plants just out of the tubes is a better idea for things like that.

While I do grow some Carnivorous from Seed that I produce mostly the Trumpet Pitchers/Sarracenia the germination rate isn't great so I could believe that none germinated.


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I'm just glad

by PurpleSkys In reply to That site is dangerous

I don't have a lot of money or I would be in trouble as well

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Reminds me what happens when drinking lauryl alcohol in hardy gulps...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I want one!!!!
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