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I want to be a network administrator.

By jjason89 ·
I need some expert opinions. I am thirty year?s old and I want to get into networking. I have been going to a local Community College where I just received an Associate in General Studies, nothing fancy but at least it should take care of the gen.ed. stuff. I talked with ITT Technical Institute about their networking program it sounds like a good program and I could start this fall. The only problem that I have is that they only offer it as an Associate so I would still have no BA. They do offer BA in other fields, I just thought that networking is the place to be and I believe that I would excel at it. So here is the 30 thousand dollar question? Do I go to a tech school for specialized training in networking even though I can?t get a BA there, or do I go to a college that can get me a BA with heavy emphasis on computers? I am an extremely fast and capable learner.

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by Doer In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

Sometimes volunteering pays off. About seven years ago, I was going to school five days a week,so I decided to volunteer one day a week to the county MIS department. Well, I sarted working with the Network Administrator and before long I got the job permanently. It has been a very exciting job for me and one it which I have truly enjoyed. Good Luck

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I agree fully

by basekase5150 In reply to Networking

I recently completed a 2-year program in computer/network support. I have since finished a mandatory 6-week work term, and volunteered once that term was up until something better came up. After another couple of weeks, I was hired on, and my career plans seem to be on the right track.
Experience (it seems to me) is valued over everything else. I know first hand that my experience over the last few months has taught me more that my two years of study! The ability to get hands-on and learn by doing is something that should be done, even if it's for free at first.

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On Administration

by churnworks In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

The degree is a useful tool, but more importantly, you'll need to be sure that whatever classes you take cover the fundamentals of the OS.

My only training in "network administration" was in Novell when it was the only game in town. My -primary-training was on the job in Windows NT, Unix, OS/2, Mac and Linux.

-Learn the internals.- If there is a local free network, a local ISP, or any networking group, ask the people who are doing the job if you can observe; if they're willing, ask questions.

Decide where you want to specialize (NT, 2000, HP-UX, etc.), but know that in most networking situations, you will need to know the basics of several systems, because most companies have a mixture of hardware and software systems, and you will be expected to be familiar with all of them.

When you take a course, make sure that at least one of the classes has to do with scripting fundamentals, because much of current networking involves script-based automation. (More, in either Windows or Unix, command-line scripting gives you a better feel for -how- the system works, and gives you a finer degree of control than a GUI interface ... generally speaking.)

Although you may not intend to be a programmer, you might want to take at least a basic programming class, especially if you would like to or intend to work with software programmers. This will give you a sense of what is -possible- with the system, and how you can work with your engineers to provide the best service.
Hope this helps.

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Get Certified

by nateb4s5 In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

I think you should look into getting CISCO certified CCNA(cisco certified network assoc). It should take you about a year to complete, and then you can persuit more respectible certs like CNP (cisco network professional), which both offer many oppurtunities. The amout of information you will learn is massive. You will be able to explain exactly how the internet works, and you will know how to deploy and administer networks. :)

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Keep up the Education

by netdrake In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

I am an IT Manager by title and experience. I don't hold any technical certifications whatsoever, but like you, I learn very quickly. Most of my knowledge I have gained on the job, dealing with real-time situations which require you to analyse andattack.
I myself am going to school part time towards a Bachelors in Business Administration CIS. It is a California State program. Not only do you get the technical side, but you get key instruction on the business operations.

You have to answer this question:

Do I want to be a tech all my life or do I want to learn business and how technology effects that?

Take computer courses as your electives or as much as you want to learn how the technology works. But if you want to really succeed in the industry, learn how the technology relates into profit. Learn how to juggle projects, support and cost/return.

I hope this was helpful.

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I hear you man!

by TomSal In reply to I want to be a network ad ...


It is a pain getting starting in this biz, isn't it? I feel your pain though. I just happened to of gotten a little lucky I guess - because I was actively recruited/saught after for the Systems Engineer position I've been holding with the same company for nearly 6 years now. Some people try and tell you quick snipets of wisdow like "Experience is all that matters" or "Education matters most" then you'll have the ones who just say "Its all who you know". They are all wrong!

Its *ALL* three and if you miss one ingredient you'll fall short of your true potential and most of all your financial success in the field.

Without the contacts its harder to even get your foot in the door, in some markets (depending where you live) its near impossible without "networking" (I mean social networking, like making friends and socializing with IT professionals and business people with even a little clout at their companies). You got the contact, good you are in the door, but if you haveno education/training you'll be SHOWN the door awfully fast. If you have the experience you'll move up the chain faster because you'll impress people (especially depending on the IT "wow" factor at your company. You know, were there are few experienced in computers so even if you change the screen saver they go "WOW!".). Of course if you miss any one of these three elements you'll have a MUCH harder time getting that job.

My problem, no four year degree (yet - working on it). I have 3 certs,2 Associate Degrees (both in IT fields) and 6 years professional experience...guess what the large companies still want to see a BA degree before they even talk to me.

Study hard, play with simulators and get your hands on any piece of REAL networking gear you can (routers, hubs, NICs, etc.) and then network yourself!

You can do it. I've been there and STILL doing that..

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Thank-you all each and everyone...

by jjason89 In reply to I hear you man!

I knew that it would take a little of all three: contacts, degree/skill and experience. My dilemma is on the education side right now. I could have a BA in business with emphasis in CIS in about 18mths, or I could go to ITT for the Assoc in Computer Networking System Technology at a cost of about $30,000, or I could get a certificate and Assoc of Applied Science Degree at a Vo-tech at about half the cost. The last couple of years I was working as a commodity broker and while going to school full time. I am currently taking the last class that I need in order to receive an Associate in General Studies (emphasis in computers of course) this summer. Nothing to really brag about, but all of the general education classes from economics to Eng comp will transfer over to ITT which will not only save me some $$$ it will hopefully allow me to the time I need to get a entry level job with someone. As of now I am enrolled in ITT and will start in September. I plan on doing a lot more research on the schools and if I find something better I can transfer. I am really grateful for the contribution that everyone has made and will gladly accept any and all additional information that you all might have.
Thanks again,

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Its good to having fun early.

by lovesdkid In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

Well as u r new comer in IT its welcome to every one from computers at any stage of any on,s life so u can started your career right know .I m also new but not new as u .Now its about 3rd month that i have taking my classes .But now i some times think that i should have started early.I m now 22years old and have a degree in commerce but now i think that i waset my time ,i should have started early.If u think that u have guts then do it .

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I am a Network Administrator

by kblandford In reply to I want to be a network ad ...

Go get your BA with an emphasis in Science, computers if your like. Networks are becoming more and more automated and people like me are going the way of the doe-doe. You need to be versatile in today's market.

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