I want to boot into MS-DOS 6.22 using a USB disk

I have the ISO files and everything I need, but whenever I try to boot into DOS using the USB flash drive, the screen goes blank and the cursor pops up. But, it dosnt do anything or let me type, no error messages, it dosnt even show that the flash drive is running. Please help!!!

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does your bios support booting from USB?

by robo_dev In reply to I want to boot into MS-DO ...

and is the boot order set correctly in bios? There are also bios entries for 'usb legacy support' on many PCs.

Is the partition table on the USB drive designated as "primary" and "active" as viewed with FDISK.

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What disk format is this ISO of ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I want to boot into MS-DO ...

Personally I've never heard of an ISO of a USB image, therefore your ISO is most likely an optical drive image.

Have you tried burning it to, and then booting from a CD?

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Another thing to consider...

by bart777 In reply to I want to boot into MS-DO ...

DOS needs FAT and willnot see anything larger than 4GB in size. If the stick is larger than that it won't work unless you partition the stick.

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Try here, several options

by seanferd In reply to I want to boot into MS-DO ...
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It is unlikely

by jdclyde In reply to I want to boot into MS-DO ...

as there was no USB support before Win98, it is unlikely you will get this to work.

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JDClyde Is Correct

by TheChas In reply to It is unlikely

What you are seeing is that the boot process is starting. This means that your motherboard and the USB drive are working.

Once the DOS kernel starts to take over, it does not know how to access the USB drive and flat out just stops.

About the only way I think you could make this work is to have a boot-loader that creates a virtual drive in RAM and then copies the DOS files to the virtual drive.

Then, you could run DOS from the virtual drive.

Sort of like how the W98 startup disk works.


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