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I was interviewed for a long term contract

By zlitocook ·
Last week and I had an interview with the head of IT was not what I expected. They questioned me on alot of XP and server 2003 topics but then asked what I know about Ghost, cloning and other copying programs. I do get these questions sometimes but they wanted to know if I could copy protected CD's or DVD's!
I said yes I have done this before to help protect paid for programs. To copy one copy is ok to protect the original. I said I have no problem with this as long as they have the OEM with box or CD case with the OEM.
I have been a contractor for awhile and I know that some companies protect thier software and back up all of thier paid for software as much as they can.
The contracting company called me back the next day and asked if I would start on Monday.
I asked one question. What are they copying and why? I was never called back to the company or the contractor.
What do you think, should you copy software if the company has not paid for it? Or if the company you work for is using more software then they have paid for?
I was a shape goat once in 99 and will not be there a second time.

I know a person in the company he said they use every thing from Windows for work groups (that was the first Windows with a GUI) to Win98 and NT. But they have never had a true copy or Licence for any of those.
They needed a person to copy the copies they have and go to the other locations and ether reload or fix there problems.
I was reading the other posts about this and found one that said this was another post about doing what you should not, Well there are alot of companys that still do this and you still need to watch out for it!

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Sure...copy all the software you want

by M_a_r_k In reply to I was interviewed for a l ...

I'm joking. Ask a stupid question, expect to get a stupid answer. I am astounded at all the knuckleheaded questions people ask. Yesterday it was about lying on a resume. Today it's one about stealing.

Would you assasinate the CEO of your closest competitor if your boss asked you to? Would you drive 80 mph through a school zone just to meet a deadline for your company? Would you break into a competitor's warehouse and steal a few crates of CD/DVDs for your company? I didn't think so. (Notice anything in common among all those questions?) So why in the world do you have to ask if it's OK to copy CD/DVDs?

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Tee hee hee

by stargazerr In reply to Sure...copy all the softw ...

Ethical or not .... doing those things would be FUN ]:)

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One of them would be fun

by M_a_r_k In reply to Tee hee hee

The burglary thing would be pretty exciting. I'm not so sure about the assassination or rocketing through the school zone at 80 miles per hour. I'd rather kidnap the other CEO's 30-year old daughter than assassinate him or her. But darn it, I'm not sure if I can turn the school zone speeding idea into something that's still illegal but also a fun, crazy stunt. Why is doing something slightly illegal so much fun?

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Well, we could always use your rocket

by stargazerr In reply to One of them would be fun

to speed through the school zone ... All it will need is a few more design changes

Kidnap CEO's 30 yeard old daughter?? Hmmmm ... Does he happen to have a 25 year old son who also happens to be a hunk

Going home time ... but keep me posted whether or not the CEO has a son. That will decide whether or not I become party to the crime


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Excellent idea

by M_a_r_k In reply to Well, we could always use ...

Funny how you picked up on the rocket reference. Even funnier how I managed to so easily slide it in there. :^O More design changes? Crap, I'd rather fly it to Tahiti than through a school zone. I wonder if I can make the new design flexible enough to do both.

The CEO does have a 25-yr old son. As far as being a hunk, that is not for me to decide. That reminds me, I am digusted that Brokeback Mountain is up for so many Academy Awards. However, I have been told that the CEO's son bears a similarity to how I looked when I was 25. What am I saying? I still look 25. So yeah, I guess he is a hunk.

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You know ...

by stargazerr In reply to Excellent idea

We, in India, tie or paint something ugly to a new house, car or for that matter...... a new bride .... How about tying something ugly to the rocket to keep it safe??

CEO's son looks like you?? Cool ... Could you please make the rocket a three seater?? I would like to get married in Tahiti ...


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Tieing things up

by M_a_r_k In reply to You know ...

With a title like that, you might think this thread is heading for the gutter. No need for me to head that direction, though. I can turn a cat scurrying up an apple tree into a funny story if properly motivated.

You must have sissy criminals in India if all you have to do is tie something ugly around anything to keep it safe. An ugly something wrapped around the DVD warehouse isn't going to keep me from breaking in and looting the place. In some parts of the world, we tie a yellow ribbon around any stray object--house, tree, telephone pole, dog--as a symbol of hope for something to happen--missing loved to be found, soldier to come home from war, next chapter in a book to be written... All kinds of things. You may have heard the song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon". Speaking of apple trees, the chorus line is, "Tie a yellow ribbon around the ol' oak tree".

If I haul you and that studly younger version of the studly me to Tahiti in my rocket, where does that leave me? Still all alone... Remember I was asking if you knew of any 30-yr old stargazerrrr clones? If the CEO's daughter looks like you, I'll craft a 4-seater rocket out of the current 2-seater version and we'll all jet off to Tahiti together.

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My My My ....

by stargazerr In reply to You know ...

I would blush but I dont like the blushing emoticon we have on TR ... So I will smile instead ... :)

After that, even if the CEO does not have a 30 year old stargazerr look alike, we can dump the idea of a 3 seater and make do with a 2 seater

Now, all I need to do is buy a time Machine


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That would work out nicely

by M_a_r_k In reply to You know ...

That's a flattering idea. Besides, a 4-seater rocket is a gas-guzzling monster that is hard to maneuver. If I can build a rocket, a time machine should be easy. You read H.G. Wells' book, didn't you? You could help with the design. But why go through that trouble. What's a few years one way or another gonna hurt? While I'm on the subject of lookalikes, Tahiti has coconuts. If you stretch your imagination (which is easy for me to do), coconuts look like overgrown furry turnips. I'm sure we could work coconuts into the story somehow.

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Overgrown furry turnips ..

by stargazerr In reply to You know ...

You are right .... The inside of it even looks like melted plastic .... I bet it even gives off an acrid smell if you set fire to it ...

Building a Time Machine is a good idea ... We might even be able to go back in time and find that wretched iguana and get my torpedoes off its back (Need some fireworks for the big event in Tahiti )


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